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3 Rustic Singapore Offshore Islands To Explore

New to staying in Singapore and looking for some unique places to explore? Or are you simply consumed by a sense of wanderlust but have insufficient funds for an overseas trip? Regardless of whichever category that you fall under, the good news is that you might just be able to enjoy some rest and relaxation without having to go abroad.

Unknown to many, there are numerous small islands that are located around the mainland area of Singapore. And by that, we aren’t just referring to prominent nature spots such as Pulau Ubin or Coney Island but their other less well-known counterparts. Filled with abundant amounts of flora, fauna and foliage, these islands are a secret haven away from the fast-paced city life, hence making them great places to hang out or vacation at. In addition, some of these islands are filled with cultural landmarks and religious places of worship such as temples, thus providing you with a chance to know more about Singapore.

Asides from that, the National Parks Board has also undertaken various initiatives with regard to the conservation of wildlife and nature sites in Singapore. This includes the rebuilding of the homes of various animals on Pulau Ubin to aid in the maintenance of the ecosystem there in 2016 as well as the founding of a park to protect marine life on Sister’s Island. With the aim of preserving the existing natural resources and organisms in the country, they are currently carrying out numerous projects to integrate green spaces into various developments while simultaneously revitalising or maintaining the current nature spots.

Hence, if you are a wildlife or nature enthusiast, you can look forward to future conservation efforts that will further facilitate the cultivation of a destination with a wide variety of plants and animals throughout Singapore. Also, if you have plans to make Singapore your home in the long run, this can be advantageous as it would essentially mean that you will not only have convenient access to nature but can reap the benefits of fresh, clean air with the presence of plant and wildlife.

Most importantly, these nature spots and small islands will also serve an excellent educational opportunity for you to learn more about the different species of animals and plants that we have in Singapore, thus allowing for an authentic, local wildlife experience. With that in mind, let us share with you 3 rustic Singapore offshore islands to explore as below.


Meet These Hidden Island Gems

Before embarking on your trip to these offshore islands, make sure to research about the transportation available and their specific schedules. This is because not all of these islands allow for overnight stays, which means it could be potentially troublesome if you miss out on the last ferry back to the mainland.

Asides from that, depending on the activity that you intend to partake in on these islands, do note that costs might vary as they are run by different operators. For instance, as there are multiple companies offering diving services near the dive trail at Sister’s Island, you are advised to evaluate them first before picking your preferred one. This is because some of these operators offer tiered pricing based on the number of people, residency status and skill level. Therefore, if you are going to stay in this country for good and often engage in such activities, perhaps you should consider applying to become a permanent resident, so as to enjoy a discounted rate.

Alright, now that you are aware of the various things to prepare before heading to these islands, let us move onto introducing them. Without further ado, here they are:

Kusu Island

Possessing an interesting backstory whereby it was formed from a tortoise, Kusu Island is filled with various cultural and heritage sites such as temples and shrines. One especially prominent site would be the ‘Da Bo Gong’ temple, whereby many dedicated believers would visit for blessings of good fortune while seeking help to keep illnesses at bay. In addition, if you are a fan of tortoises, do not miss out on the opportunity to see them up-close at the turtle reserve located on the island.

Sister’s Island

Sister’s Island is an amazing place to explore if you have a keen interest in corals and marine life. Teeming with marine creatures and organisms such as sponges, seahorses and fishes, the reefs are part of the conservation efforts undertaken by National Parks Board to protect the numerous wildlife present in Singapore’s waters. Asides from that, diving veterans can also check out the dive trails on diving trips conducted by several dive operators at specific times. This is so as to facilitate crowd control and ensure that the corals and marine life there are not harmed. In addition, as previously mentioned, the rates for diving can vary according to the type of residency and number of divers. So, if you are planning to dive around Sister’s Island or other offshore islands frequently and are staying here on a long-term basis, perhaps you should consider converting to a PR. Another tip would be to gather a large group of people to go on the diving trip with you to Sister’s Island as there are volume discounts offered. The overall price of chartering a boat to Sister’s Island also tends to be less costly when split among many people.

Lazarus Island

If you like the idea of lazing on a secluded beach, Lazarus Island is the perfect location for you. With its vivid blue waters and beautiful fine-grained sand, Lazarus Island is a must-visit for beach enthusiasts or couples who are seeking for some private time together.