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3 Unique Museums In Singapore To Visit

If the idea of seeing different historical and cultural exhibits in museums fills you with joy, chances are that you have probably marked out the major institutions in Singapore that you would love to check out. Or probably would have already checked them off your bucket list. After all, whether you are a local or foreigner, what better way to develop a deeper understanding of the country than gaining knowledge about its past, heritage and traditions?

The Asian Civilisations Museum. The Singapore Arts Museum. The National Gallery Singapore. When we think of museums in Singapore, these are usually the first few names that come to mind. They possess beautiful infrastructure, world-class facilities and an extensive display of priceless artefacts and artworks. As such, they are renown, must-visit places among art and history lovers, with various guided tours being held there on a regular basis. Hence, some people tend to develop the misconception that once you have covered all of these famous museums, the other remaining museums are more or less the same.

But the thing is — there’s much more to the Singapore museum scene than that. Contrary to perception, the number of museums in Singapore is not just limited to a few. In fact, as of today, there are over 50 museums in Singapore, each dedicated to a specific cause and possessing various rare collections. Providing an enriching and wonderful learning opportunity for many, some of these museums feature numerous interactive installations that take your breath away, hence making them well-received among all ages.

In addition, through the efforts of the Singapore Heritage Board, several museums have also undergone refurbishing and revamp so as to provide an enhanced experience for their visitors. One example would be the Changi Chapel and Museum, which is in the midst of being upgraded and targeted to be re-opened to the public next year. Through this project, people can look forward to new exhibits and a more polished look to the facade and interior of the building. Through this constant renewal of facilities in various museums, the board also ensures that visitors are able to get updated access to new museum content and get to know more about Singapore. Most importantly, to facilitate intercultural understanding and educate the younger generation, SHB believes in the importance of preserving and honouring different aspects of culture.

Hence, if you are new to staying in Singapore and intend to settle down here permanently, you will be glad to know that you will be exposed to a variety of different cultures while living here. Thus, this will provide you with the opportunity to learn new languages, heritages, customs and traditions and allowing for a multifaceted skill set and knowledge base. With that in mind, let us share with 3 unique museums in Singapore to visit and discover a new side of the country as below.


Lesser Known Yet Equally Amazing Museums In Singapore

Under various initiatives taken by the Singapore Heritage Board (SHB), the admission fees for many museums or charges for their other facilities have been kept reasonably priced, so as to provide greater access to the masses. In fact, some of the museums like the Singapore fvPhilatelic Museum and the Peranakan Museum offer free admission to Singapore citizens and permanent residents for their permanent gallery exhibits.

As for other private or non-SHB related museums in Singapore, their entrance fees tend to vary according to age, the number of people, peak periods or residency status. However, the general consensus among these museums in terms of admission prices is that Singaporeans and permanent residents tend to enjoy a significantly discounted rate. Therefore, if you are a foreigner and want to make this place your home, perhaps you should consider applying to become a Singapore Permanent Resident so that it will be more cost-effective in the long run when visiting all these different museums.

Ready to know more about these special museums in Singapore that you should check out? Here’s some:

Singapore Musical Box Museum

Are you a music aficionado? Or are you a fan of exquisite craftsmanship? If so, the Singapore Musical Box Museum will be right up your alley. Consisting of a diverse range of musical boxes, the museum is a great way to learn about Singapore’s involvement in the musical box industry in the 1900s as well as its origins. Do note that the museum is not open on Tuesdays though and if you are a student or senior citizen that is Singaporean or a permanent resident, make sure to capitalise on the reduced admission price.

The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum

Dispelling the preconceived notion that museums are all about displaying static artefacts or artworks, the Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum features an extensive variety of tortoises and turtles such as the six-legged turtle and the African Spurred Tortoise. Turtle and tortoise lovers can also revel in the sight of some of these creatures wandering freely around the compound. If you are a Singaporean or permanent resident, be sure to bring along some form of identification to enjoy the discount entrance fee. If you are a foreigner, keep in mind that if you are visiting the museum on a group tour basis, the overall charges are higher. So, if you aim to stay in Singapore permanently, consider filing for permanent residency so that you can make use of special prices given to Singaporean residents.

MINT Museum Of Toys

Fancy the idea of having an up-close look at all your favourite childhood character memorabilia? Comprising of a myriad of vintage toys throughout the ages, the MINT Museum of Toys is the perfect place to relive those fond memories as well as keep your little ones entertained.