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4 Cycling Routes In Singapore To Try

Does the idea of having wind against your face as you pedal along a cycling path fill you with joy? Or are you excited at the prospect of pushing yourself to the limit and getting a good workout on your bike? Regardless of whichever category that you fall under, you will be delighted to know that Singapore has a variety of cycling trails with different terrains and landscapes for you to explore.

Contrary to belief, cycling in Singapore isn’t just limited to traversing the highways or city streets. Due to the conservation efforts of Singapore National Parks Board, there are various green spaces, parks and nature trails throughout the island that allow for numerous outdoor activities to be carried out and that includes cycling. Adhering to their aspirations of making Singapore a ‘City in a Garden’, the committee has undertaken various initiatives to maintain the existing flora, fauna and natural areas in Singapore while simultaneously increasing interconnectivity between them. One example would be the Round Island Route park connector project which has the aim of providing Singapore residents easy access to nature at many parts of the country. Featuring an extensive path across Singapore, the route essentially provides opportunities for people to experience new sights and sounds without having to board a motor vehicle, thus making it a paradise for nature and sports enthusiasts. In short, with the ongoing construction of this island-wide connector, it’s predicted that 85% of Singaporean residents will be in close vicinity of lesser than 500m from a park by 2030. This is especially so with regard to individuals staying in public housing such as HDB flats.

In addition, with the widespread presence of various bike-sharing services in Singapore, it has never been easier to get around Singapore even if you don’t have a car. Efficient and affordable, cycling provides an alternative mode of transportation, thus cementing its rising popularity among many. Hence, it comes as no surprise that more and more people have taken to cycling as their hobby and their main way of commuting.

With that in mind, let us share with you 4 cycling routes in Singapore that will allow you to cycle to your heart’s content. The routes have varying levels of complexity and skills required, so you can choose a suitable one to explore based on your personal cycling experience or preference.


Must-Visit Picturesque Cycling Routes In The Red Dot

Prior to visiting any cycling route, it’s always good to research about the difficulty of the trail, amenities available and its overall accessibility. Some challenging cycling trails are located in the outskirt areas and may require other forms of transport before you are able to reach them.

However, the good news is that if you are a beginner at cycling, there are plenty of trails around you to pick from. This is particularly so if you are staying in the public housing in Singapore, like HDB flats or executive condominiums, many of which are situated near public parks or park connectors that facilitate convenient and easy access to these cycling paths and trails. Therefore, if you are a foreigner that intends to reside here indefinitely, you may want to consider applying to become a permanent resident so that you are able to enjoy the benefits of purchasing public housing that are located near various nature spots.

Most importantly, make sure that you bring along the necessary biking equipment needed such as your helmet, water bottle or some snacks as some of the outlying trails may have limited rest stops and other facilities. Once you have all of the items prepared, you are ready to tackle the cycling route of your choice. As such, here are some that you can check out:

Bukit Timah Trail (Mountain Bike)

If you are an expert cyclist and love adventure, give the Bukit Timah Mountain Bike trail a try. With its rocky, muddy terrain and steep hills, it’s sure to ignite the intrepid spirit and get your heart pumping. At the same time, the trail also tests your stamina and endurance as you navigate through sharp turns and sudden plunging downhill routes. On top of that, you will get to see various wildlife and forest foliage while cycling through the area, making it a feast for the eyes.

Mandai Track 15

If you are completely new to the world of mountain biking, this is a good route to begin with. Consisting of a series of flat surfaces and small hills, Mandai Track 15 is an excellent way to hone your cycling game while getting close up look at exotic flora, fauna and animals.

Punggol Waterway Park

Have your kids in tow during the weekend and have no idea how to pass the time? Why not bring them to Punggol Waterway Park for a cycling session? Conveniently located in the central part of the Punggol estate, the park is built along an inland waterway and has various amenities that cater to different demographics like event areas and playgrounds. And to top it off, there are currently plans to further develop the infrastructure around it, thus enabling even more seamless access from the park to other nearby trails and parks in the area. Hence, this will be especially beneficial to those people living around there. So, if you are thinking of settling down in Singapore with your family and love nature, perhaps this is an area that you can consider.

Chestnut Nature Park

Avid cyclists should make a beeline for this park that allows them to show off their fancy tricks or biking techniques. Depending on your skill level, you can choose from various tracks and trails sprawled around the area.