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4 Support Groups for Singapore Expat Mums

Mothers are always told that their motherhood journey is a special and magical one, one that builds strength and character as well as helps them build an unbreakable bond with their little ones. But, as any mum will know, being a mum is a tough job and sometimes, what we need is just a bit of support from the community of people around us as well as the ability to be around other mums who are going through similar experiences.


Finding a Support Group for Expat Mums

Finding a mummy support group is relatively easy when you’re living at home, but what about expat mums who are far away from their home country? Fortunately, there are usually support groups available in most countries to help mums (local or foreign) in their motherhood journey.

If you’re an expat mum who is staying in this territory or has just recently moved here, here are some support groups to check out to make your stay in our tropical island that bit easier:

New Mothers’ Support Group

If you’re expecting a baby, a first-time mum, or have children aged five and below and have just moved to Singapore, then look no further than the New Mothers’ Support Group (NMSG). Having been around for at least 20 years, NMSG is exactly the community you need to ease your transition to Singapore as an expat mum. The group provides its members as well as their various activities for little ones to take part in that there won’t be a dull moment during your stay here in this small, tropical island. Some activities you can look forward to as an NMSG member are coffee mornings where expectant mums will be able to meet a midwife and/or doctor, social events for you and your juniors at various play centres, as well as talks conducted by medical professionals. These talks will cover a range of topics related to parenting such as pregnancy, sleeping habits of your little ones and potty training.

Mother & Child

Set up in 1994, Mother & Child provides support to new and experienced mums as well as expectant women through its prenatal and postnatal services. In addition, the organisation holds a variety of classes for women who are expecting their first child and parents with a newborn baby. It even provides mums with developmental assessments, consultations to aid them in their breastfeeding journey and play classes for their little ones. Plus, Mother & Child holds general health classes such as CPR and first aid classes. These classes are held for couples, mums and their babies, and even for domestic helpers. And if you want to book yourself a pampering session during your pregnancy or after delivery, the organisation provides massage and yoga too. If you’d like to check Mother & Child out, you can take a look at their calendar of events on their website where you’ll be able to see their full schedule of courses and services for the current month.

East Coast Mums Support Group

If you’re living in East Coast and wish to meet other mums in your neighbourhood, then be sure to check out the East Coast Mums Support Group. Created in 2006, this support group specially caters to mums who are staying in East Coast, offering them an outlet to share information on a variety of topics such as parenting and activities for little ones to engage in this Lion City. Expat mums who have stayed in Singapore for a while can also share their own experiences living in this little red dot with other expat mums who have just moved here, and provide tips and advice to help ease the new expat mum’ transition to living in Singapore. Plus, if you’re a mum who has an idea brewing in her head and would like to set up her own business, then the East Coast Mums Support Group will help you in that area too. The support group has its own community of mum entrepreneurs who are happy to share their own experiences in starting a business in order to help other mums who might be interested to do the same.

Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group

Breastfeeding isn’t always an easy journey for every mum, and it can be even tougher to handle when you’re an expat mum living away from home. If you’re going through a tough breastfeeding journey during your stay in Singapore, the Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group (BMSG) is here to help. BMSG is an online support group that provides emotional support to mums who are going through difficulties in their breastfeeding journey through the group’s Facebook page. The group provides breastfeeding counselling too — they can either be contacted through their telephone helpline or email. In addition, BMSG holds two breastfeeding workshops: one covers the basics of breastfeeding and the other is specially catered to teach breastfeeding mums who are heading back to work on how they can balance breastfeeding and their jobs. And that’s not all — the group organises events for its members too, one of which is the Mum 2 Mum (M2M) meetup, a gathering for working mums where they can attend breastfeeding support meetings and have their questions about breastfeeding answered, all while socialising and networking with other mums.