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4 Tips When Applying for Singapore PR

Have you recently applied for PR status in Singapore? There are several tips and tricks that you can learn to get your Singapore PR at the quickest rate possible. This post will discuss on some of the factors that you can consider so that you can get your permanent resident application approved from the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority of Singapore (ICA).


1. Organise Documents

The first thing you should do is to ensure that the preparation and compilation of your documents are accurate and neat. In the process of your Singapore PR application, you have to submit an application form to the ICA. It must contain the precise information about yourself or any other applicants applying with you. If you are married, you would also have to submit a marriage certificate too. These are all compulsory for verification purposes. You should also ensure that the submitted documents or forms must be in English language. They must be translated and notarized if the documents are in a non-English language.


2. Secure Appointment

The next thing is do secure an appointment through the ICA website. You have to ensure that you turn up punctually on your scheduled appointment date. You should avoid cancelling your Singapore PR application appointment just because you are not available. This would have a negative effect on your application. During the date of appointment with the ICA, always be early and avoid being late. This will prevent any kinds of issues or delays in your PR application process.


3. Get Ready

During the appointment with the ICA officer, you should avoid probing too many questions as it might hinder the officer doing their job. If possible, you should always try to research about your queries online. On our website, you can find many other articles and helpful information about all kinds of immigration questions you might have. You can speak to our immigration professionals before entering the ICA office. This will also prevent you from making any errors or missing out on the important precautions you should take. All in all, this will increase your chances of success in your Singapore permanent resident application.


4. Be Honest

Another important tip that you should know is that it is crucial for you to be completely honest all the time. You should never try to lie anything about your profile or personal information to the ICA officer. The officer might ask you questions about your history or any unclear data in your application form or documents. You must portray confidence and honesty when answering all these questions. Your answers during the interview can have a contributing factor as to whether or not you can have your PR application approved.

All these tips above that are given to you can guide and help you during your Singapore PR application. The application process can take up to three months or longer, depending on the circumstance of each case.