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4 Types of Singapore PR Merit Schemes

The past few decades, Singapore has proved to be a top country in terms of the quality of living. The country boasts of some of the best facilities and services in the world such as health care, quality housing and education standards among others. It is, therefore, no surprise that thousands of people each year seek to obtain permanent residency in Singapore. So, how do you go about the Singapore PR application process in Singapore?

There are four merit schemes under which you can apply your Singapore PR. Essentially, a foreign national can become a permanent resident in Singapore through four ways:


1. Professional, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme

Statistics shows that over 95 percent of all professionals attain their Singapore PR status using this scheme. It is especially popular among holders of the Employment Pass, Entrepreneur Pass, S Pass, and even the Personalized Employment Pass. It is important to note that all male children (dependents) of the applicants will need to register for the National Service (NS) once the PR has been granted.


2. Global Investor Program Scheme

This scheme is specifically targeted at foreigners who are keen to invest in Singapore and in the process seek to have permanent resident status. Notably, the spouses and children of the investor are also eligible for the PR once granted. Eligibility for the GIP Scheme, however, depends on two key factors:

  • The investor should have a successful business background.
  • He/she should also have a substantial business track record.


3. Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme

Under this scheme, a PR applicant has to be an exceptional international arts professional who has proved to have ability to significantly contribute to Singapore’s culture. The application process passes through both the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority and the National Arts Council.


4. Foreign Students Scheme

The Singapore PR status is also available for students studying in Singapore, who has resided in Singapore for more than two years at the point of application, and has passed at least one national exam (i.e. PSLE or GCE ‘N’/’O’/’A’ levels) or is in the Integrated Programme (IP). In fact, the majority of foreign students in the country who applied for Singapore PR were successful, according to the second minister of home affairs, Josephine Teo.


5 Factors That Increase Your Chances


Young people are highly likely to be accepted into the country on a permanent resident basis compared to their older counterparts. The country has a growing ageing population and thus the chances are that it will be looking for people who can actively contribute to the society for longer.


This mostly entails the academic credentials meaning that more qualified and skilled applicants stand a better chance of having successful PR applications.

Industry of Expertise

Singapore looks set to increase its focus on innovation-intensive and knowledge activities. Therefore, applicants who are experts in R&D will be highly valued.

Giving Back to Society

Showing a genuine commitment to activities that give back to the society will indeed increase your chances of PR application success. This includes participating in charitable works, volunteering activities and donations.

An Outstanding Application

This is a vital factor considering that the ICA receives tons of PR applications each year. You will need to fill your Form 4A correctly and ensure that you’ve provided all other additional documents as requested. Additionally, attaching a personalized immigration cover letter along will significantly boost your chances of PR application success. This is what Immigration Solutions specializes in and what we can help you with.