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5 Awesome Playgrounds to Take Your Kids

You and your spouse have just moved to Singapore with your three kids in tow but you’re at a loss as to what you can do and where you can take your kids to play, explore and burn off the endless supply of energy that they seem to have.

Good news—it doesn’t matter where you reside in this garden city, for playgrounds big and small can be found in residential estates all over the island. However, here are six extra fun-tastic playgrounds that you should definitely bring your little ones to.

The best part about it all? They’re absolutely free.


Marine Cove Playground

Located at East Coast Park, this 3,500 square metre playground is open to children between the ages of two and 12. It is designed with a nautical theme and has for its central structure a red lighthouse that stands at 8 metres tall.

There are three different slides, each at a different level, and a suspension rope bridge that leads out of the tower. There are cargo nets, circular swings, a rope pyramid, see-saws and more.

The playground also contains two designated toddler play areas that include activities which promote the development of motor and sensory skills. Kids can safely pound on drums and talk to each other through multicoloured talking tubes that seemingly coil in and out of the ground.

Here’s a bonus: the playground is located right along the beach, which means you can pack your kids’ swimsuits and sand-play tools and make a day of it. Marine Cove also has a strip of restaurants and cafes and a McDonald’s (of course). Perfect for grabbing a quick bite and cooling off.


Tiong Bahru Playground

If your kids love trains, you will want to bring them to the playground at Tiong Bahru Park. This adventure playground has a long tilting train, complete with a beautiful bell at the front, as its main attraction.

There is a distinct wild-west vibe, replete with cacti that the kids can climb up and hold onto, and see-saw horses that the kids can ride on and pretend to be cowboys, sheriffs and train robbers! Walking through each tilted box of the train makes for an entertaining time; the playground also contains a set of swings and a pair of ziplines.

There’s something for the little kiddos too; a padded area with a colourful maze that they can take their own sweet time to explore.


Gardens by the Bay: Children’s Garden

Nestled around the corner of the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest cooled conservatories is an amazing Children’s Garden that features these main areas: an adventure trail, treehouses, a toddler play area, a sprayground and a cafe.

The adventure trail contains several different structures such as a netted tunnel, jumping pads, open as well as tubular slides and more. The trail leads to two treehouses, which you can enter via a rope bridge made from wood and rope. Inside the treehouse there are hammocks to lay on; when you’re well-rested, you can take a slide down to the sandy terrain underneath.

After all that, your kids will want to take a welcome breather in the adjacent sprayground. The design of the water-play area is clearly inspired by its locale—a garden with pots of orchids pouring liquid down on unsuspecting players as jets of water dance along to familiar Disney tunes. The water play area has toilets, a changing room and an outdoor shower area to clean up after.

Toddlers are not forgotten at the Children’s Garden; play areas have been allocated for those ages two to five at both the wet and dry play areas.


Admiralty Park Playground

This particular playground can lay claim to the title of “the park with the most number of slides in Singapore”. How many, you ask? A whopping 26.

They aren’t all the same. There are five different kinds of slides: the traditional open slides; roller slides; wide (or family) slides so you can go down the slide as a family; closed tubular slides and the extremely fast double-barrel tubular slides.

If any member of your family cannot get enough of slides, then this is surely the playground for you!


Canberra Park Playground

If you happen to have a budding palaeontologist in the midst, then your family will want to make a trip to this dinosaur-themed playground.

Furthermore, it is an inclusive playground that is designed with children that have disabilities in mind.

Located in northern Singapore, the main playground structure has ramps wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and includes the ‘Aero Glider’, which is a swinging platform that is designed to fit wheelchairs.

We also love that this playground is equipped with a fine selection of swings: standard swings, bucket swings for toddlers, swings for kids with disabilities, and standing swings. This awesome playground also houses one of the most massive rope courses in Singapore and consists of a rope dome, plank bridges and more.