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5 Benefits Of Moving To Singapore

Thinking of moving to greener pastures? Singapore is home to millions of residents who are among the happiest people in the world. As one of the most peaceful places in the world with some of the most advanced infrastructure, our island continues to flourish impressively, even compared to many other great cities of the world. With such a plethora of benefits that you, too, could enjoy as a local in this country, why not make this city your forever home?


One Of The Most Peaceful Cities In The World

Singapore is consistently ranked among the most peaceful places in the world. In an era where safety is slowly deteriorating globally, one study found that Singapore, instead, still sees an improvement when it comes to matters of peace and safety. One of the reasons for this is our emphasis on nurturing racial harmony through education and understanding by encouraging citizens to learn about other cultures from a tender age. Schools regularly organise enrichment classes where students share parts of their culture with their peers, particularly on Racial Harmony Day. Launched in 1997, Racial Harmony Day was created with the aim of opening children’s minds to cultural differences. Students would be free to wear traditional garments to school and are even encouraged to lend their peers theirs. It’s a fun annual event that tightens bonds across cultures as well as bridge any differences between each race.


World Class Education

Education is yet another aspect in which Singapore continues to thrive. Our children consistently perform much better academically than the global average and are considered years ahead of their peers from other countries in mathematics. Many Singaporean youths also eventually move on to attend some of the finest universities in the world. In fact, as of 2019, our oldest local university, National University of Singapore (NUS), is now among the top twenty universities in the world. These are but a few reasons why Singapore is always ranked among the best in numerous surveys that study the quality of education systems across the globe. In addition, every Singaporean child, aged 6 to 15, is legally entitled to compulsory education. This ensures that no child is ever left behind in the pursuit of success.


Abundance Of Affordable Food

Food lovers may be pleased to learn of the food utopia that awaits them here in Singapore. Not only do Singapore residents get to enjoy a wide variety of cuisines, but there is also a great abundance of affordable food options to select from. The average cost of a decent meal at food courts range from $4 to $8 and it’s even possible to find some of them at a low cost of $3 if you know where to look. For your convenience, there are now plenty of eateries that are open for 24 hours. In addition, every eatery in Singapore is subject to intense inspection by officers from National Environment Agency (NEA), who then rate their cleanliness, to ensure that every consumer can make a more informed choice whenever they dine out. However, if you would like to cook at home, you can also shop for affordable fresh food, such as vegetables and freshly caught seafood, at local wet markets, conveniently scattered in key neighbourhood areas.


Top-Notch Health And Medical Services

Singapore’s healthcare system is also ranked among the best in terms of preparedness for the future as well as overall value. Recognised global health organisations consistently note our country’s healthcare as one of the finest in the world. This is due to our healthcare industry’s use of advanced healthcare technology as well as electronic health records system, making Singapore heads and shoulders among many other major cities. We are also among the most well-equipped in healthcare areas that are specifically concerned with elderly care and rehabilitation. This makes our country one of the best places to retire and grow old in, especially with the implementation of multiple healthcare schemes and subsidies that ensure that more residents can afford to engage in the best healthcare services in the world.


One Of The Best Public Transport Services In The World

Last but certainly not least, residents of Singapore also enjoy one of the highest quality, and yet affordable public transport systems in the world. Multiple surveys consistently rate our trains, buses, and taxis among the best in terms of efficiency, convenience, availability, affordability, and sustainability. Not only are most areas in Singapore easily accessible via either train or bus, but the Land Transport Authority is also constantly working on giving residents of Singapore even greater accessibility by building a more extensive MRT network system. Even with such extensive accessibility, people are still able to spend less while using the public transport system, compared to other major cities. One would simply have to spend a single day in Singapore to experience the veracity of such claims on their own.