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5 Best Night Cycling Paths in Singapore

Cycling is great exercise and an excellent way to enjoy the sights and sounds of Singapore. There are myriad cycling trails around the island, each offering a slightly different biking experience that you ought to take your time exploring.

Night cycling, in particular, has become increasingly popular in recent years. For night owls, you will find it is a novel way of seeing a usually crowded, noisy and bustling country. Biking at night is a much more quiet and much cooler experience than biking in the daytime.

If you are an avid cyclist in the midst of moving to Singapore, you may want to bring your bicycles along; if you are already residing in this nation and don’t yet have a bike, you might want to consider investing in one.

Here are five biking trails to get you started on your night-cycling adventures in Singapore.


Safety Tips Before You Embark on a Trip

Here are some basic things to note before you go night cycling:

  • Hydrate before you even begin and carry a bottle of water with you
  • Bring your mobile phone with you, in case of an emergency
  • You must wear a helmet (make sure it fits well)
  • Follow the speed limit (15km/hr)
  • Keep your front and rear lights on
  • Do not brake suddenly or swerve your bike without any warning
  • Give way to pedestrians; where necessary, get off the bike and push


North Eastern Riverine Loop

This relatively easy route takes about two hours to bike and is a great way to be introduced to night cycling in Singapore. The 26-km North Eastern Riverine Loop connects four different parks, passes through Buangkok, Sengkang and Punggol estates and enters the bucolic Lorong Halus Wetland, Punggol Beach and Punggol Promenade.

You’ll cycle by bodies of water such as the Johor Straits and Sungei Dekar. You may get lucky and enjoy some bird sightings along this trail—White-breasted Waterhen, Olive-backed Sunbird and the Collared Kingfisher are just some of the commonly found birds long this scenic loop. Also, plan to catch a beautiful view of the sunrise at the aptly named Sunrise Bridge at the Punggol Waterway Park.


Northern Explorer Loop

The adventure begins at Lower Seletar Reservoir Park, where the calm waters and a generous supply of trees are an immediate and a welcome respite from the usual bustle of the city. You’ll pass by mangroves and enjoy some hilly territory on this trail, as well as be able to look across to neighbouring Johor Bahru from the Woodlands Waterfront jetty, a 1.5-km long waterfront promenade that also houses a big park. You can easily cover this bike trail in under two hours but take your time, make some stops to enjoy the myriad views that this trail has to offer.


Eastern Coastal Loop

The Eastern Coastal Loop begins at Pasir Ris Park and ends at East Coast Park. There are plenty of water views on this trail, which takes you along the eastern edge of the island, such as Bedok Reservoir Park, Pasir Ris Park, Changi Beach Park and East Coast Park beaches. This breezy and beachy route also takes you through the Coastal Park Connector, which is parallel to the runway at Changi Airport and lends an amazing view of airplanes taking off in the early hours of the morning. Great photo ops!


The Foodie Trail

Can we really write about Singapore without at least one mention food? Without further ado, here is our obligatory nod to the country’s mammoth food culture. Cycling will invariably work up your appetite, so it really makes perfect sense to work out a biking trail that makes delicious food stops along the way.

One of the best trails to whet your taste buds begins at The Esplanade, namely the Makansutra Gluttons Bay. Here’s where you will get to enjoy a fine selection of the best local hawker fare. Tummy-filled, you can ride toward eastern Singapore to Sims Avenue in Geylang, where there are many options for you to grab a quick bite. The next leg involves a stop of Simpang Bedok, where there are several 24-hour eating houses you can stop at. Then on to your final leg, which ends at Changi Village, at 89.7FM Supper Club, where you can enjoy a hearty plate of chicken rice, a plain prata, some dim sum or satay.


Off the Mainland: Pulau Ubin

Looking for something really off the beaten path? How about hopping off the mainland and taking a bumboat ride over to Pulau Ubin, which is off to the northeast of Singapore? The boats leave from Changi Point Ferry Terminal (which closes at 9pm) and take about 15 minutes to get to the island.

Pulau Ubin is a throwback to the past. Get a gander of what life was like in Singapore before modernisation by exploring the rustic charm of the kampongs and quarry lakes around the island. Then embark on the 10km long Ketam Mountain Bike Park trail. Some of the island’s biking trails consist of dirt paths so do be extra careful if you are not used to the terrain.

Do remember to pack your mosquito repellant!