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5 Classes to Step Up Your Culinary Game

When you live in this crowded nation, you will notice that the city offers a delectable range of the most diverse food in Asia. Wander down an unassuming street and you might just find the best sushi in town; one avenue away, you could even stumble upon some delicious Nasi Lemak. But for those occasional nights when you want to save some money and eat in, cooking is definitely an advantageous skill to have. If cooking is not your strong suit at all, fear not! There are a variety of cooking classes that will help to hone your culinary skills and allow you to master everything from pan searing a codfish to perfection to baking divine soufflés that are totally restaurant-worthy. Even if you only know how to make instant noodles, you will feel like a true chef after taking one of these culinary classes! Spend less on eating out and unleash your culinary creativity with these 5 best classes in the city.



Transform sugar, spice and everything nice into intricately-designed cakes and pastries in one of the best baking classes in Singapore. Hailing from the city of Taipei, this DIY baking class aims to provide its participants with an unparalleled experience that puts the fun in learning and making their own desserts. Create macarons and decadent cakes from scratch under the careful yet comprehensive guidance of their team of seasoned instructors. Featuring a fully equipped, sprawling kitchen within their flagship studio at Suntec City, rest assure that you will be in good hands since all recipes, ingredients, and tools will be provided. Most baking studios in the city charge by the time spent using the space, however, you will only have to pay for the recipe that you choose to make during your visit at Funsiamo. Funsiamo offers a wide selection of recipes that are both affordable and absolutely Instagram-worthy.


ABC Cooking Studio

Try your hand at making some of their crowd favourite traditional wagashi treats at ABC Cooking Studio. Launched in Japan in 1985, this renowned cooking studio has since gone international; winning the hearts of housewives and cooking enthusiasts alike with their diverse variety of culinary classes. Under the meticulous guidance of a skilled instructor, you will learn to serve up a complete chirashi set, master the art of tonkatsu, whip up a luxury Italian brunch, or even bake a cafe-worthy caramel chocolate mousse cake! On top of that, you get to take all your precious creations home to share with your loved ones. Embark on a delightful journey of cooking and baking with ABC Cooking Studio with their novice plan, which allows you to access cooking classes, bread-making classes, and baking classes. Still undecided? Sign up for their exclusive first-timer trial class to see what they have to offer.



Channel your inner Master Chef at CulinaryOn, the first of its kind in Singapore that offers culinary edutainment. You will definitely be in for a fun time when you sign up for any class at this vibrant cooking studio. Specialising in corporate team building events and parties, feel free to give their cooking classes a try if you ever find yourself racking your brains over which activity to go for on your next outing. Learn how to whip up delicious meals under the guidance of their team of professional chefs and get to take part in fun competitions while you are at it! What’s more? After the end of the event, each participant will be presented with an award to certify the new nifty cooking skills that they have gained through the class.


Coriander Leaf

If learning how to make exotic Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern dishes is right up your alley, then Coriander Leaf is the place for you. Situated in the heart of City Hall at the magnificent Chijmes, this restaurant also doubles as a cooking studio where culinary enthusiasts can sign up for classes to create delicious dishes like Tom Yam Koong and Aloo Gosht. A truly educational journey from start to end, each class at Coriander Leaf will imbue you with an in-depth sense of knowledge on the different eclectic cuisines of Asia, as well as the necessary techniques on how to get the taste right so that you can apply what you have learnt at home too.


Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School

All about that bread? Master all the ropes in bread-making at Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School, which was established by Dean Brettschneider himself — globally-renowned professional baker and patissier. Serve up some piping hot, delicious loaves with their comprehensive 5-day bread baking class taught by the maestro. Looking for something that is more basic? Try out their 1-day beginners class where you will learn all about the different kinds of bread and make your very own loaf.