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5 Cool Indoor Places to Take the Kids

There are no two ways about it. Singapore is situated near the equator and it is hot and humid most days of the year. When it isn’t sweltering, there is a good chance that it is raining cats and dogs as tropical rainstorms are a regular occurrence here.

If you and your family have only recently shifted to this state, then you are probably going to take some time to adjust to the hot and muggy climate. When you have restless children in tow, however, staying at home with a glass of ice-cold lemonade all day is simply not an option.

So what is there to do when you are feeling weather-beaten? Luckily, there are a variety of fun indoor places that are made with kids in mind.

Here are five choice places that the kids will enjoy that is minus the risk of heat exhaustion.


Art Science Museum

The ArtScience Museum’s Future World Exhibit is a must-see for the entire family.

The permanent exhibit includes Town, a ‘live’ city that is projected onto a massive wall. The little ones can get their hands dirty by designing their own car, building or airplane on a piece of paper. Their finished product is digitally scanned and becomes an animated object that is now a part of the town. Children can also interact with the town by touching on certain objects to make them move.

A second installation allows you to create your own unique game of hopscotch. You and the kids can work together to move various shapes around on a tablet, and the end product is projected onto the ground. When you successively hop onto the same shapes, it will activate a rainbow of colours and a cacophony of sounds.

These, along with 14 other leading-edge installations promise to deliver an amazing interactive and immersive experience.

The museum also runs workshops and activities on a regular basis so do check back in on their website from time to time to find out what’s on. Oh, and do bring along your identification card when you head to the ArtScience Museum because Singapore residents get discounted rates.


Clip ‘n Climb

Located at Our Tampines Hub, Clip ‘n Climb is a colourful and engaging indoor climbing park for kids of all ages. It boasts 19 distinct climbing challenges with different difficulty levels.

Each climbing slot is 90 minutes of energy-burning fun, but there are other excellent benefits besides being a good time for the kids. It also happens to build physical strength, develop their motor and sensory skills, and improve their confidence. That’s not all, it also builds mental muscle by helping kids to improve their ability to focus and concentrate on a task.

There is no height or age limit but the kids do need to weigh 10kg or more to be able to participate. Also, make sure to dress in sports attire and have on a pair of fully covered athletic shoes.



Put on a chef’s hat and apron and make your own pizza at Pizza Hut. Or experience what it feels like to be a pilot or flight attendant on a commercial airline. KidZania is 81,000 square feet of kid-filled fun and activities.

Designed to look just like a city (a kid-sized one, of course!), the park includes a bank, hospital, supermarket and fire station, among many other things. Children get to role-play different real-life occupations and have to learn how to manage the money that they have earned. While they are exploring the city, they are strolling along well-paved streets and need to watch out for passing vehicles too.

KidZania is open to children ages 3 to 17 and is located on Sentosa Island so when you are done, there is also plenty to explore outside as well—you just may not have time to!


The Artground

The Artground at Goodman Arts Centre is a free space that is created for children 12 years old and younger. This is an indoor play area made up of interactive installations that are built for touching, exploring, climbing, jumping, hopping, sliding and crawling. Triannually, the designers come up with new concepts for the space so you can always expect to see and experience something different.

While it is a free space, the Artground also features a variety of what they call drop-in programmes that range from arts and craft to gardening for a $10 fee for a parent-and-child pair.



This SuperPark will bring excitement for every member of the family, and it is quite safe to say that it has a little bit of everything if what you are looking for is some adrenaline pumping, energy-expending physical activity.

This Finnish indoor park promises three main areas of fun—Adventure Area, Game Arena and Freestyle Hall. Jumping on trampolines, riding a pedal car around a racing track or sailing across a flying fox are just a few of the family-friendly activities available in the park. Clip and climb up the rock wall or enjoy a round of bowling. When you are done, glide down the Tube Slide or Sliding Mountain.

Do note that kids aged 8 and below will need to be accompanied by an adult and there are varying height limits for the different activities. The park is located within Suntec City.