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5 Greatest Parts Of Singapore’s National Day

Once a year, Singapore’s National Day brings the entire population together as one. Celebrations even begin rolling out as early as July, transforming our sunny island into an explosion of red and white, a whole month before the actual day on August 9th. Drive into any neighbourhood and you will see flags adorning HDB facades as well as festive banners lining the streets. Some drivers even display little flags fluttering fiercely against the side of their vehicles. It’s a whole different level of spectacle, to say the least, so much so that it’s almost impossible not to feel even the most infinitesimal hype. There’s almost always something to look forward to as the month of August makes its approach — here are five of them.


Spending Quality Time With Family And Friends

Everybody loves a holiday. As a would-be permanent resident here, you may be happy to learn that our National Day is a public holiday, which means that you get an extra day to spend time with the ones you love! There is also a silver lining for anyone who still has to work on the day itself — the law dictates that you would be entitled to an extra day’s salary if you have to work on a public holiday. With an extra bit of luck on our side, National Day may fall on either a Friday or Monday, giving us one of those lovely long weekends.

Your children would also have more cause for celebration since most educational institutions also end earlier on August 8th. Some schools don’t hold lessons at all then, making it practically an extra day of holiday. Festivities tend to differ from school to school but many of them usually have an array of fun thematic activities organised for your children.


Sales And Discounts By Participating Stores Islandwide

Shopaholics, rejoice! You’re going to have something else to look forward to. Many stores and services offer additional discounts and sales as National Day draws near. The Great Singapore Sale overlaps with National Day, too, so it really does make Singapore feel even more of a shopper’s paradise. Just be sure to keep your expenditures low until around July to take a bit of heat off your bank account.


An Extra Reason To Dress For The Occasion

After earning that extra excuse to splurge on sales, you’re going to need an occasion to wear clothes you’ve just bought, right? Get that red and white outfit ready because you’re going to have a real reason to wear it now. For some people, it might be overkill but we both know you were going to wear that red dress one of these days anyway. Why not on National Day? It may be even more fun if you manage to rope all the friends you’ve made here into joining you.


Singing Along To National Day Songs

For many Singaporeans, National Day songs are an absolute guilty pleasure. In the lead up to August 9th, you can usually find even the least patriotic among us belting out to any of these songs. Kit Chan’s ‘Home’ is a particular classic that remains among the most well-loved National Day songs in spite of its age. Written by local composer Dick Lee, ‘Home’ is often on everyone’s lists of ultimate favourite National Day songs, more than a decade after its release in 1998. Perhaps the main reason for its undying popularity lies in lyrics that pack an emotional punch. In ‘Home’, Kit Chan’s warm voice breaks and heals our hearts all at once as she sings of belonging to a place that will always wait for us “no matter where we choose to go”. It’s only human to feel a need to belong somewhere, and the song goes right at the heart of that.


The Vibrancy Of The Annual National Day Parade

Every single year, we cap off August 9th with the much-anticipated lively spectacle that is the National Day Parade. Here’s to saving the best for last! Millions of dollars are invested in the parades themselves, but they’re almost always worth every penny. From the mesmerising choreography and visual aesthetic, to the fun sing-along sessions, the sensational National Day Parade is absolutely the best part about this day. Watching this Parade live is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lives.

Tickets usually open for application to Singaporeans and permanent residents around May, so keep your ears and eyes out for the announcement. They will only be allocated randomly using an electronic ballot system, rather than a first-come-first-served basis, so you won’t have to worry about not having the fastest fingers ever. Still, even if you miss out on the live show, the Parades will always be broadcast on television for everyone to watch in the comfort of their homes. All you have to do is keep your day free from 5pm onwards.