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5 Items To Pack When Travelling To Singapore

Will you be heading to Singapore for a vacation during the next holiday season? Or maybe you will soon be calling this Lion City home as a permanent resident and need to pack your things for the big move? Whichever group you fall under, packing for a trip to Singapore need not be a hassle.

In fact, Singapore is probably one of the easiest places for you to pack for due to the lack of typical seasonal weather in this tropical island. Therefore, there is no need for puffy winter jackets, thick wool jumpers, or chunky rain boots that will take up most of the space in your luggage.


How To Pack For Singapore Weather

As Singapore is located close to the equator, the city-state experiences sunny weather almost all-year round, with occasions of the monsoon season in between. However, the heat does not mean the locals are always clad in just t-shirts and shorts every single day. Despite the sun rays beating down on the island, Singaporeans can still be a fashionable bunch and the heat does not deter the locals from putting together a stylish outfit that will still allow them to stay cool and (mostly) perspiration-free.

For foreigners who are travelling or are just getting used to living in Singapore, adjusting to the climate can require some time. Pack the wrong pieces of clothing items and you will be forced to make an emergency shopping trip around the island for more weather-appropriate clothes. That is why we have put together this list of essential items you will need when packing for the hot and humid weather of this little red dot.

Light And Loose Dresses

Light and loose are the main focus when dressing for Singapore weather. Go for dresses in lightweight materials such as cotton and linen. Linen is a particularly great choice for Singapore’s humid weather as the material allows for enough air flow, which means it will keep you cool throughout the day. In addition, linen absorbs perspiration easily without the extra moisture causing the fabric to dampen and weighing it down. Short summer dresses are perfect for the daytime, while maxi dresses are suitable for an evening out. To prevent yourself from getting too hot in maxi dresses, opt for flowy ones that will not stick to your body.

A Black Dress

Whether you pack a little black dress or a maxi evening one, a black dress is always convenient to have when travelling as it allows you to look stylish with no effort at all. In addition, a black dress makes a great option for days when the sun is beating down on you and you are sweating buckets since the dark colour hides any perspiration patches.

Lightweight Jacket

Unless you are a strange cold-blooded creature, thick coats and jackets are usually unnecessary in Singapore weather since we do not experience the winter season. However, the amount of time Singaporeans spend in air-conditioned shopping malls means that you will still see them wear lightweight cardigans and jackets from time to time. Since you will likely be visiting a few of these malls as well, pack a lightweight outerwear in case the blast of cold air gets too much. You can also bring along a shawl to wrap around your neck if you really get cold easily, although we advise you to just bring a lightweight one.


For days when you will spending a significant amount of time outdoors, we recommend bringing something you can use to shade yourself with. This will keep you cool despite the sun’s rays as well as protect you from getting burnt. A hat or cap is convenient when you will be walking around from one place to another as you will not have to worry about an extra item to carry in your hand. An umbrella, meanwhile, is handy to have in case the weather does a flip on you and it starts pouring cats and dogs. Whichever you choose to bring, just make sure they are really effective in protecting you from the different types of Singapore weather, be it sunny, rainy or windy.


Another item you should bring with you to protect yourself from the sun is a pair of shades. It can really put a damper on your day when the sun ray gets in the way of the beautiful sights that you are going to enjoy while you are here in Singapore. Make sure your sunglasses have proper ultraviolet protection to ensure that you are well covered and protected from eyes to skin around your eyes too! For sunglasses that will keep your eyes shaded as well as have stylish, opt for designs such as cat-eye frames or tortoiseshell print.