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5 Places With Regular Live Music In Singapore

Enjoy a little live music? Becoming a permanent resident means that there will always be plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy live music here all year round. Plenty of musicians from all over the world often include Singapore in their tours, in collaboration with local music concert organisers. A large part of it is largely thanks to how safe and peaceful Singapore is, making our country extremely attractive to visit without persecution. Sites such as SISTIC are often great resources for news on all upcoming concerts ahead! While waiting for any of your favourite musicians to arrive, though, numerous bars and concert venues all over the island are always more than ready to fill any sudden cravings for live music. Here are five of them.


Timbre X At The Substation

Perhaps the most popular live music bars in the country, Timbre X at the Substation is known for its long history of strong support of Singapore’s local music scene. This is a bar set mostly outdoors, where you can catch up with friends in a pleasant ambience. Timbre X can now be found in three separate branches, but the original one at Substation remains arguably the most popular yet. Head on over to 45 Armenian Street when it opens at 6pm. Their selection of live music includes a diverse range of genres, including Top 40 music covers, local original music, and classic rock. With a combination of an excellent sound system and a menu to die for, it is no wonder at all why Timbre X continues to reign in terms of popularity. The roasted duck pizza is a particular favourite among regular patrons.


Esplanade, Theatres On The Bay

No list of live music spots is complete without the Esplanade, and you would have no problem identifying the venue even from a distance. Widely considered a national icon, our very own national performing arts centre regularly plays host to live musicians. Free live performances are even often held on its premises. One programme, called Beautiful Sunday, regularly shines a spotlight on local musicians from a wide array of genres performing in a series of free concerts once a month on a Sunday. These include talented school alumni orchestral bands to popular local singers, sharing their musical artistry for absolutely no charge to members of the public. You may have to come early to secure good seats for you and your family, though. In addition, music concerts are not the only events on its packed calendar. Be sure to check out all the other various arts performances on their list of upcoming events.


Crazy Elephant

If you wish to avoid places that are too hectic or chaotic for conversations with friends, Crazy Elephant is absolutely the place to be. Located in River Valley Road, Crazy Elephant is the perfect live music bar for rock enthusiasts. This bar tends to strays away from loud radio Top 40 hits and instead, features musicians that play more of the subtle ol’ blues, rock & roll, and southern rock music. Think complex guitar melodies, juxtaposed against rhythmic bass lines. The bar itself carries an unpretentious vibe, decorated with graffiti-covered walls, that is unlikely to make you feel completely out of place. Be sure to try their drinks, ranging from non-alcoholic mocktails to ice-cold beer.



A multi-award-winning bar, Harry’s is by far the largest and quite possibly among the oldest bar and dining franchise in Singapore. Their reach is so wide that you can now find at least twenty different Harry’s branches, scattered across the island, including the most recent addition at Terminal 3 of Changi Airport. In fact, there are also plans to expand Harry’s in other countries in the Asian region, on top of existing branches in Myanmar and India. Like Timbre X, the selection of music in Harry’s is quite diverse, guaranteed to appeal to a wide range of patrons with differing tastes. If you enjoy sports, you may also be able to catch popular matches here, especially in the midst of international competitions.


Monti At 1-Pavilion

Thinking of catching the fireworks? With a perfect view of Marina Bay, why not consider visiting Monti, an Italian fusion restaurant in the bustling Collyer Quay area? Monti usually opens as early as 11am, so be sure to arrive as early as possible if you do intend on getting the best seats on the open rooftop. Jazz is the order of the day at Monti, so if you are particularly fond of this genre, this is the perfect place for you to swing by. Monti has even featured performances by big names in the jazz music scene. These include Singapore’s King of Swing, Jeremy Monteiro, as well as Melissa Tham, the petite jazz singer with massive lungs. Patrons have also raved about its service, which means you will be assured of the most pleasant evening, filled with music.