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5 Play-Based Preschools in Singapore

If you live in this city, you’ll know that gaining a high-quality education here is not a problem. With dedicated teachers and internationally-recognised institutes, a child who is educated in Singapore won’t have to worry about receiving a sub-par learning experience.

However, it is well-known that the Singapore education system tends to place greater emphasis on academic qualifications rather than encouraging creative freedom in their people. This has led to some parents here finding schools that will allow their children to engage in their creative pursuits from as young as their preschool years.


Play-Based Preschools for Your Little Ones

If you’re in a similar situation and scouting for a preschool that isn’t all about the academics, here are some preschools in Singapore that actively incorporates play-based learning in their curriculum:

Pat’s Schoolhouse

At Pat’s Schoolhouse, there is a strong emphasis on interactive learning being a central theme in a child’s educational experience. With this approach, Pat’s Schoolhouse has incorporated a learning technique known as the “inquiry-embedded play” method in their classes. This method involves encouraging the children to take an active role in their learning by allowing them to explore their curiosity in the educational content. This exploration fosters their learning in class, encouraging the children to ask questions in pursuit of answers. In addition, the children at Pat’s Schoolhouse have the opportunity to be immersed in a bilingual environment as the school conducts a curriculum in both English and Mandarin, thus helping the children acquire language skills at a young age.

Centre Stage School of the Arts

Does your child display a love for the arts, always engaging in dramatic antics, and singing and dancing around the house? If yes, then Centre Stage School of the Arts might just be the place for your little one. Founded in 1999, Centre Stage was set up to provide an environment for kids to use drama as an exploratory outlet through their imaginative and real worlds. The school has a wide range of creative classes that cater to children of different age groups, with programmes including performance acting, dance, musical theatre, and drama. They even have creative classes for babies and toddlers too. The staff at Centre Stage consists of teachers who were mainly trained as performers and who either have worked or are still working on television or in the theatre. With the teachers’ personal experience in the arts field as well as their expertise in the creative industry, your little ones will have the ability to truly engage in and explore their creativity to their hearts’ content.

White Lodge

Like Pat’s Schoolhouse, White Lodge takes a hands-on, interactive approach with their children’s learning. A variety of play activities are set up every morning to get the children looking forward to their curriculum for the day. These play activities consist of various tools and materials that encourage the development of the children’s skills such as blocks, books and puzzles. Other resources available for the children include libraries, cooking facilities for the children’s cooking lessons, as well as other play equipment such as trampolines, swings and slides. All these resources aim to encourage the holistic development of the children instead of solely focusing on their academic abilities. White Lodge offers a range of programmes for children from 18 months old to six years old, and each programme has a small class size, thus ensuring each individual child gets the attention he/she needs to promote his/her overall development.

Mulberry Learning

If you’re looking for a preschool that will allow your child to truly have the freedom to explore and gain an adventurous learning experience, then look no further than Mulberry Learning. At Mulberry, children are given the opportunity to explore their surrounding environment and are encouraged to take an active approach in their learning. In addition,  the school provides different activity areas for the children that cater to their various interests. Some of these areas include an arts and crafts section, a reading corner, an area called the “Discovery Cove” where children are allowed to play detectives and practise their investigative and analysing skills, as well as a “Construction Piazza”, an area that encourages children to develop their mathematical and cognitive thinking skills.

Waldorf Steiner Education Association (Singapore)

The Waldorf Steiner Education Association (Singapore), or WSEAS, runs a playgroup unlike the other preschools we’ve mentioned here so far. The programme they have designed for the children mimics what the little ones would do at home, with a schedule consisting of free play, bread making, story time followed by snack time. There is even a programme for parents — craft-making — that allows them to stay engaged in the school’s programme as well. In addition, WSEAS emphasises on surrounding the children in a natural environment, which is why you’ll find that most of the materials used in the school are made of natural wood. This lends a sense of warmth and calmness to the children’s environment, allowing them a break from the hectic city life of Singapore.