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5 Reasons To Live In Central Singapore

Love being right in the thick of things? Look no further than a permanent move to the central area of this country. While every residential area has everything that a Singaporean would ever need, Central Singapore has all of that — and more. You would lack for absolutely nothing here. From the best shopping that our tiny island has to offer to an assortment of housing, you and your family are going to love life on this side of Singapore. Still unconvinced? Let’s take a closer look at five reasons why you should permanently move to Central Singapore.


Unparalleled Shopping Experience

Most other regions in Singapore offer shopping malls aplenty these days — but none of them will ever truly compare to living close to the ultimate shopper’s paradise in Singapore Central. Two words: Orchard Road. One could easily spend an entire day shopping ‘til you drop within Orchard Road itself, and yet find that you have barely even scratched the surface. This is by far the absolute crown jewel of Singapore’s retail industry. The first department store in Orchard Road opened in the 1950s, closely followed by numerous other retail establishments. Now, there are thousands of stores from a staggering range that puts many other shopping districts to shame. The area is even more impressive during festive seasons, when bright and multi-coloured lights line the streets at night. But Orchard is hardly the only place for the best shopping experience possible. Just a short distance away are Bugis Street and Haji Lane — both of which are favourites among discerning fashionistas looking for something different.

The city centre is not the only shopper’s paradise to live in either. You could also choose to settle down in the outskirts of central Singapore within the heartlands for an equally incredible shopping experience. Besides the fact that you would still be a mere stone’s throw away from Orchard Road, central heartlands also offer numerous family-friendly shopping malls. You would truly be spoilt for choice.


Ease Of Accessibility

Our public transportation system is often ranked among the best in the entire world. But no other region here boasts a more highly networked access to public transport than the Central Singapore. Most MRT lines cross over within this area, making it so much easier for you to access any other parts of the island if you so desire. Even living in the outskirts of Central Singapore still places you well ahead of those who live further towards the edges of the island. Heartlands such as River Valley and Tanjong Pagar are most excellent for accessibility to the Central Business District. Imagine being able to wake up as late as possible and be the envy of all your colleagues dwelling in the west or east of Singapore.


Closest To The Best Entertainment In Town

Living in Central Singapore is never boring and we’re not even counting shopping. This is the one place in Singapore where the best of the entertainment industry can be found. You can choose from a wide array of activities to keep you and your family occupied, from an incredibly realistic flight simulator to escape rooms galore. Central Singapore is also a frequent host of major events such as Formula One, Singapore’s National Day Parade as well as the biggest New Year’s Eve countdown event in the country. More films are usually shown in cinemas found within Central Singapore, thus making this region most ideal for any film enthusiasts among you. The nightlife here is also absolutely unrivalled — Central Singapore is packed to the brim with bars, pubs, clubs, and everything else that you can possibly think of.


A Good Mix Of Housing Options

The assortment of housing options here are unbeatable. For those of you looking for a more compact space for your small family, but with amenities such as a swimming pool and gym, you may wish to purchase smaller condominium units available in abundance in the area. Novena is particularly ideal for such housing solutions. You may also wish to purchase private landed housing if you desire more space for your family, especially if you are planning to bring your large family dog along with you. Anyone seeking more family-friendly neighbourhoods in subsidised housing can further extend their search to heartlands in the outskirts, such as Toa Payoh, where more HDB flats may be found.


Perfect Combination Of Natural and Man-Made Beauty

While Central Singapore is arguably the most urbanised in the country, the area still boasts natural beauty. Situated just around the corner of Orchard Road itself is Singapore Botanic Gardens — the only tropical garden in the world that has had the honour of recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The epitome of a perfect combination of natural and man-made beauty, Singapore Botanic Garden is a seamless marriage of greenery and nature juxtaposed against our island’s urban fabric. Your entire family can soak and recharge in its calm atmosphere.