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5 Reasons To Live In Tampines

Thinking of buying a place to call home in Singapore when you succeed with your permanent residence application? Why not consider Tampines? Once an isolated part of Singapore, Tampines is now the bustling regional centre of the east. This heartland is home to over 250,000 residents, making it the third most densely populous region in Singapore. Its rise even received international recognition from as early as the ‘90s, when it was lauded by the United Nations for outstanding contribution towards reducing homelessness and a meteoric development of infrastructure. That was well before the introduction of an even greater array of amenities in recent years. Today, Tampines has become so much more than it already was more than 10 years ago. Here are five reasons why Tampines has been the ideal heartland to live in.


The Tampines Triple Threat Of Retail Therapy

Most people may know Tampines primarily for its popular trio of family-friendly shopping malls located in a cluster around Tampines MRT Interchange. Tampines Mall, Century Square, and Tampines 1 offer patrons more than 400 retail outlets and an impressive range of cuisines to choose from. Tampines residents hardly even have to head all the way to Orchard just to enjoy several satisfying solid hours of shopping! Major international fashion retail firms have even chosen the Tampines trio as the site of their first retail outlets.

Film enthusiasts residing in the region also have the option of catching the latest blockbuster from multiple cinemas — one in Tampines Mall and the other in Century Square. The latter has even recently undergone renovations that gave it a new lease of life while making room for a greater selection of retail outlets. Most impressive is its inclusion of upmarket grocers as well as food and beverage shops, making it easier for health-conscious residents to shop for necessities without having to leave Tampines ever again.


Home Of Major Warehouse Retail Outlets

Tampines also makes it so much easier for homeowners to shop for their new home. The area houses three major warehouse retail outlets, all of which offer affordable furnishing, storage solutions, as well as home improvement tools. This convenience is highly likely the reason why so many Singaporeans flock to Tampines in search of a home. Accessibility to these warehouses is not an issue either since free shuttle buses are readily available. These retail outlets also offer plenty of jobs to locals looking for somewhere to earn a living, while remaining close to home, particularly for those who need to care for their families.


Highly Accessible Via Public Transportation

Despite being situated away from the city centre, residents in Tampines face little issues with accessibility. Free shuttle buses aside, every part of the heartland is well-connected via public transportation. The construction of the Downtown Line has made it easier for residents to efficiently access other parts of Singapore. Tampines now boasts a total of three MRT stations within the heartland itself, on top of the numerous bus stops around the heartland. This makes Tampines the ideal place to live in since it allows residents the convenience of travel all while offering an escape from the packed city centre. Tampines is the ultimate residential sanctuary.


A Business Hub

Some people prefer cutting down commute to their workplace entirely, and Tampines offers exactly that. Besides the availability of retail jobs throughout the heartland, those living in Tampines may be able to seek employment in global finance heavyweights within Tampines Central itself. In addition, Tampines residents also live extremely close to Changi Business Park, a major business hub that provides locals with plentiful employment opportunities in numerous companies. Imagine not even having to hail a bus to get to work for the rest of your life!


One Of The Most Family-Friendly Districts

Most significantly, Tampines has absolutely everything necessary to create the perfect setting for raising a family with all the comforts of suburban living. Tampines is home to numerous schools — in addition to those in nearby heartlands — many of which do accept children of Singapore permanent residents. If you prefer, you have the option to send your children to an international school, UWCSEA East Campus, conveniently situated within the heartland itself.

Healthcare is hardly an issue for families living in Tampines either. Ranging from affordable polyclinics to slightly costlier private clinics, you and your family will never have to travel very far just to gain access to one of the best healthcare systems in the whole world. Changi General Hospital is also a mere stone’s throw away in neighbouring heartland Simei if you ever need to consult physicians with access to highly advanced health equipment for more pressing health matters. In fact, in many ways, all of the above reasons also contribute to an environment that makes Tampines the family-friendly heartland that it is.