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5 Singaporean Children’s Fashion Brands to Know

Searching for clothes for your little ones that are high quality and stylish yet unique can be a difficult task for parents in Singapore. The streets of this Lion City are lined with shopping malls filled with mainstream international brands that, even though offer a children’s clothing range, do not offer one-of-a-kind pieces for parents who wish to jazz up their little ones’ wardrobes.

What other alternatives are there, then, for parents who are looking for good quality yet stylish clothing pieces for their juniors?


5 Singaporean Children’s Fashion Brands to Know

Whether you’re a local who is tired of the usual clothing options available for your kids, or a foreigner staying in this lion-city and is looking for clothing pieces with a more local flavour, here are the five Singaporean children’s fashion brands you should add to your little ones’ wardrobes:


This socially-conscious children’s label is the brainchild of Maggie Dumra, mother of two daughters, Bae and Jae. From t-shirts to A-line dresses to cute kaftans, BaeBeeBoo is the brand to check out if you’re looking for relaxed, comfortable pieces that are still uber-stylish for your little ones. BaeBeeBoo began with the launch of Dumra’s debut range, The Bae Collection, which comprised of pieces made from 100% cotton. Besides using quality fabric, BaeBeeBoo also does its part for those in need by employing a local community of women in Jaipur, India to produce its garments. Every piece of garment from BaeBeeBoo is hand-sewn by these women, thus guaranteeing them a sustainable livelihood and a more sustainable way of living in the world. In addition, proceeds from two of their collections, The Bae Collection and Beespoke Collection, go towards Operation Starfish, a play school for toddlers as well as young children who are no longer in school.

Chubby Chubby

With a love for design and craft, advertising graduate Nix Deng founded Chubby Chubby in 2013 to produce clothes and lifestyle items for babies and children. With an emphasis on colourful and bold graphic prints, Chubby Chubby will definitely be a winner with your little ones — your inner child will be skipping with glee too at the sight of the brand’s cute designs. The brand produces garments for both boys and girls, and its range of items include t-shirts, tent tops, rompers, dresses and more. If you’re on the lookout for items to gift your loved ones for the birth of their newborn, Chubby Chubby has got you all set in that department too. It offers gift sets consisting of newborn basics such as onesies, bibs, booties and mittens. However, if you’re not keen on the standard gift sets, the brand even gives you the option of customising your own baby gifts.

Elizabeth Little

If you’re a lover of vintage-inspired clothes, look no further than Elizabeth Little. Its range of items includes cute smock dresses with dainty floral prints, bow hairclips and tutu dresses so pretty that they will make your little princesses squeal with joy. Elizabeth Little was founded by Eileen Tay, a former pastry chef, in 2016.  After being forced to close down her French pastry shop, Eileen Tay took up sewing as a way to cure her boredom from being unemployed. As her passion for sewing grew, Tay began to create various clothes and accessories for her children. It was during this period when Tay launched Elizabeth Little, a sustainable children’s fashion brand that focuses on the quality and longevity of its garments. The brand places an importance on the ability of the garments to last for more than just a season. For Tay, Elizabeth Little is about creating timeless classics that will stay and grow with its customers through the years.

Leia + Lauren

If you’ve come across the popular Instagram account of the MoMo twins, then you’ll definitely have heard of the local children’s brand, Leia + Lauren. After going through a difficult pregnancy journey and giving birth to premature Monoamniotic-Monochorionic (MOMO) twins, Amber Young decided to document her twins’ growth on Instagram. This was a way to share her and her husband’s experiences as first-time parents as well as parents of MOMO twins with others who might be going through the same situation. Taking inspiration from the twins’ personalities, mom Amber Young decided to create a children’s clothing range to be released right here in Singapore. The collection was also inspired by her family’s travels across the globe, resulting in a range of items designed with colourful and quirky prints, yet practical and versatile. You’ll find various types of products such as dresses, shirts, rompers and onesies, and even swimwear and swimming accessories.

Sea Apple

Looking for a one-stop shop clothing brand that caters to your children of varying ages? Then check out Sea Apple, a modern line of clothing designed for infants all the way to children who are 10 years of age. Founded by 34-year-old Ho Su Mei, Sea Apple produces high-quality garments made of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton. They even source their fabrics from mills in Japan and Europe as well as work with partners that meet their high-quality standards. The brand even collaborated with Disney to create a range of clothing pieces inspired by Disney’s iconic characters. Polka dot dresses, t-shirts with various styles of the Mickey Mouse graphic print, and even clothing accessories such as knitwork patches are just some of the items you can find in the Disney x Sea Apple collection.