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5 Water Activities for Your Kids in Singapore

Enjoying warm balmy weather all year round is just about the best part of living on an island city right near the equator. If you and your family have recently made the move to reside in this country, why not make the most of the lovely climate and give your kids the chance to immerse (pun intended) in all manner of fun water activities and sports that are now available at your fingertips 365 days of the year?

If your kids are already paddling like ducks in the water, we have compiled a helpful list to help you get acquainted with 5 fun water activities and classes there are on offer.


Ahoy, Sailor!

Sailing involves the ability to read wind conditions and the know-how to manoeuvre a boat through the incredible forces of mother nature. It requires both physical strength and emotional intelligence.

The best part about learning to sail is that your child will not only be developing their physical strength and learning a useful skill; they will also be getting an education on sportsmanship and being a team player and developing resilience and inner strength.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, the Singapore Sailing Federation offers a junior weekend training programme that is designed for children aged between 6 and 12 years old. The programme is run by experienced sailing coaches at the ISO-certified National Sailing Centre.


Swim Like a Mermaid

Is your child’s favourite Disney princess Ariel? Does she wonder what it is like to be a real-life mermaid? Singapore’s Mermaid School may be her dream come true.

This world’s first mermaid school offers an element of fantasy along with the fitness aspect. Children and adults alike are welcome to enrol in this unique programme (perfect plan for the school holidays for sure!), as long as they know how to swim without any help. Before any new class begins, all would-be mermaids are assessed on their swimming ability to ensure they are ready for the lesson. Little mermaid trainees will be regaled with tales from mermaid history, culture and mythology before proceeding to mermaid lessons that focus on developing core muscles, breathing techniques and more.


Have a Ball at Water Polo

Singapore has always had a strong national water polo team and is a very popular sport on the island nation. There are several schools that offer water polo training programmes for children, including Pacer Water Polo Academy and the Swimfast Aquatic Group, among others.

As with sailing, water polo can equip young children not just with physical strength and skills, but also instill in them mental resilience, discipline and the ability to work well in a team.


Train in Water Ballet

This Olympic sport is another well-loved activity on the little red dot. In fact, it’s gotten even more attention since our Singapore synchronised swimming team won three golds in the recent 2017 Southeast Asian Games. If your daughter (or daughters) is already adept at swimming (this sport is for girls only), this graceful sport may be just up her alley.

Synchronised swimming, otherwise known as water ballet, may look fun and consists of beautiful choreography but make no mistake, this sport requires hard work and discipline, stamina, flexibility and strength! All very positive attributes and skills to inculcate in young ones.



Head over to the Singapore Wake Park at the East Coast Park for some fun in the sun for the entire family (this sport is open to kids as young as 5 years old). If you aren’t familiar with the sport, wakeboarding is actually done on a board that’s similar in size to a snowboard and you need to be fastened into a pair of boots that are affixed to the board.

The activity is conducted in a man-made lagoon so the waters are much safer and calmer than if it were done out in the open sea. It is the only cable-ski park on the island. With cable skis, there is no need for a motorboat to tow you around; the speed is also well-controlled and there are built-in obstacles for those who feel ready to attempt them. Besides wakeboarding, you can also attempt kneeboarding and cable-skiing.


Stand Up and Paddle

On a paddleboard, that is. Stand-up paddling is another fun activity for the whole family (for children aged 7 and up) to learn and play. As the name indicates, you will learn how to stand up on a big surfboard and cut through the water with a long paddle. It’s similar to how you would navigate a kayak, except you’re standing!

This is definitely a sport that requires strength, stamina and the ability to perform a major balancing act. It’s great for the thighs and you’ll feel a wonderful sense of achievement when you finally are able to stand and manoeuvre the board, definitely something you want to try at least once!