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5 Ways to Style a Kimono Outerwear

Trench coats, leather jackets, chunky jumpers, wool cardigans… dressing up for the fall/winter season usually allows for more creativity due to the various types of outerwear available. Want to give an edgier look to your outfit? Simply throw on a leather jacket. Want to create an interesting shape to your look? Just layer on an oversized chunky jumper over a pair of skinny jeans and you’ve got a winning outfit right there.

However, when you live in sunny island Singapore, the above options are definitely out. So, besides the standard t-shirt and jeans outfit, how else can you keep yourself looking effortlessly stylish?


How to Wear the Kimono for Any Occasion

Enter: the kimono-style outerwear. Inspired by the traditional clothing of the Japanese, a kimono-style outerwear maintains the basic flowy shape of the traditional Japanese kimono. However, it comes in a variety of designs such as colourful prints, fringe accents, cropped lengths and many more.

And another great thing about a kimono-style outerwear? It’s completely lightweight, which means it’s perfect to be worn in our tropical Lion City. Here are some ideas to get you inspired to start including the kimono into your wardrobe:

Keeping It Formal at the Office

The flowy, billowing design of kimono-style outerwears can make them seem inappropriate for the office. But, when paired with the right clothing pieces completed with some clever accessorising, they can help you display the business side of you like the girl boss you are. If you’re going for a sleek and sultry look, layer your kimono over a top and pencil skirt combination. We suggest going for a pencil skirt that falls somewhere in the middle of your calves as this will elongate your legs. Since the kimono will provide your outfit with some flow and swish, we recommend opting for a figure-hugging top so it will make you look more put-together. In addition, if you want to make your outfit truly chic and elegant, go for an all-black outfit. Another tip: to make your kimono look slightly more structured, cinch it with a belt around your waist. Finish off your outfit with a pair of stilettos and you’re all set for the workday.

Staying Cool at an Outdoor Concert

There is a reason why kimono-style outerwears are the go-to piece when it comes to music festivals and outdoor concerts. They make you look effortlessly stylish while preventing you from heating up while headbanging along with the crowd. This is especially true for sunny Singapore — our tropical climate is great for outdoor gigs as there is less risk of concert-goers having to be drenched in the rain, but sometimes we still want to layer up in a kimono and channel the signature Coachella style. For a fun atmosphere typical of music festivals and concerts, go for a kimono with a loud print. This will also allow you to keep your outfit underneath the kimono simpler. For example, a casual t-shirt and jeans combination can be easily jazzed up with a colourful kimono with a bold design. Or opt for a kimono completed with embellishments such as a tassel or fringe accent.

For a Fancy Night Out

Want to put on a more interesting outfit for your fancy night out besides the typical little black dress? Layering a kimono over your night-out look will definitely widen your style options and you can adjust your look depending on the activities you’ll be doing. If you’re dining out at a fancy restaurant with your new friends here, wear an embellished top tucked into a pair of wide-leg trousers and throw on plain kimono, cinching it around your waist with a belt. With the shape of the wide-leg trousers, this will help to create a curvy, hourglass silhouette. If you’re wearing a mini dress, opt for a full-length kimono in either a solid block of colour or with prints. Complete your look with a pair of strappy stilettos for an ultra elegant and sultry look or a pair of heeled ankle boots for a bit of an edgier vibe.

Jazzing Up a Casual Day Outfit

Wearing layers is usually a no-go when you’re living in this country due to this Lion City’s sunny weather but that doesn’t mean this style option is totally out of the picture. The solution is putting on lightweight layers rather than wearing thick outerwear like wool cardigans, chunky knitwear or leather jackets. And what’s the perfect lightweight outerwear you can throw on any outfit? The kimono, of course! The thin fabric and flowy design of the kimono makes this garment suitable to be worn as an outerwear even in tropical Singapore. This means you can jazz up your outfit on a casual day out without worrying about it being too hot under the layers. Throw on a knee-length kimono over your t-shirt and shorts outfit, or go with a cropped kimono with ¾ sleeves if you have jeans or a pair of full-length trousers on.

Up the Ante on a Minimalistic Outfit

If you’re a lover of all things neutral and minimal but need ideas on how to prevent your outfits from veering into “plain and boring”, grab yourself a kimono stat. Depending on the style of kimono, it can add texture as well as shape to your look while still maintaining the minimal style. For instance, if you have an all-black look on, throw on a black lace kimono over your outfit. A plain chiffon kimono works great too to soften up an all-black outfit. If you’re wearing a figure-hugging outfit, go with a full-length kimono. Even in a neutral colour, the length of the kimono will add a contrasting shape to your outfit. Just imagine you’re walking down the streets with your kimono billowing behind you — what’s a cooler look than that?