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6 Alternative Sports Spots In Singapore

Looking to move to this nation but have doubts about the range of sports activity on the island? Singapore’s local sports and adventure scene is more diverse than you think. We even beat the limitations of a tropical climate and brought season-restricted sports to our shores. From rock climbing sites to surfing spots, our sunny island has plenty to offer for sports and fitness enthusiasts who want something a little different from the mainstream. Keep your minds and bodies fit as a fiddle by heading to six of these alternative sports spots around the island.


Rock Climbing

Put your strength, agility, balance, and endurance to the test with some rock climbing. Singapore offers multiple locations for rock climbing, including these two:

Kallang Wave Mall: Climb Central

Located in Kallang Wave Mall, Climb Central is the tallest air-conditioned indoor rock climbing facility in Singapore and one of the most popular rock climbing sites for a reason. The staff are always eager to assist you and make every climber feel as comfortable as possible, regardless of the level of ability. Both beginners and experienced climbers are guaranteed to enjoy their time here. The Sports Hub does offer plenty of other sports facilities that are readily available to the public, so do check the rest of them out. Additionally, since the place is located within a shopping mall, you would also be able to add a dose of retail therapy to your schedule while you’re at it.

Bedok Community Centre: The Rock School

Concerned about the little ones? The Rock School at Bedok Community Centre is the perfect fit for them. This place is staffed by experts who are trained to teach children from the ages of 4 to 14 how to learn rock climbing in a fun environment. Parents have raved about instructors who are knowledgeable and patient enough to gain the trust of even the shyest of kids. Your children will most certainly be in safe hands here. The Rock School is open every day but opening hours do vary from day to day — do check with the school first! (ps. We think that this is a wonderful holiday activity for your kids and you!)



Singapore is home to a growing local skateboarding community. There are numerous places to skate here for anyone with a particularly keen interest in skateboarding, including the following:

Somerset Skate Park

Arguably the most inclusive skate park in Singapore, Somerset Skate Park is especially perfect even for beginners. The park is maintained very well indeed, which makes this a very safe place to skate. You can easily find the skate park near Somerset MRT station by following the signs that will lead you directly towards the park. However, since kids do frequent the park, more advanced skateboarders may wish to try Xtreme SkatePark in East Coast Park instead.



Tired of jogging or hitting the gym all the time? Try surfing instead. Ranging from cardiovascular training to strengthening your core and upper body muscles, surfing is an all-rounder in terms of health benefits. It may surprise you to learn that Singapore has precisely the right place for surfing, too.

Wave House Sentosa

Look no further than Wave House Sentosa, which is situated on Siloso Beach in Sentosa. This is the best place in Singapore to learn how to surf. Most patrons who start out as beginners gave their instructors the stamp of approval for their friendliness and patience. Beginners should give the FlowRider a go first. For those who want something more demanding, The FlowBarrel also offers a challenge with waves that rise to about ten feet high! The ride is designed to absorb impact, though, which means that you can easily get back on your feet even if you do wipeout.


Ice Skating

Home to a growing number of professional figure ice skaters, Singapore easily surmounted the impossibility of an outdoor ice rink by constructing not one, but two skating rinks indoors. Ice skating is an extremely fun way of staying fit so why not head down to either of the following two ice rinks over the weekend?

Leisure Park Kallang: Kallang Ice World

Kallang Ice World is located in Leisure Park Kallang, where it has served many skate enthusiasts over the years. The venue offers an ice surface with an extremely high-quality finish for you and your family. You can even take lessons from trained instructors, regardless of your level of ability.

JCube: The Rink

Arguably the best ice skating rink in Singapore, JCube’s The Rink gives Kallang Ice World a run for their money by offering the first and only Olympic-size ice skating rink in the entire island. You may have to travel a bit further to Jurong East but it is truly well worth the effort. Even your children can safely have the time of their lives here since members of the staff will always be present to keep a close eye on them. The Rink often organises special events, so keep an eye out for them.