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6 Best Chalets For Singapore Staycations

One of the best parts about living here as a permanent resident is cementing yourself a home in one of the most value-for-money travel destinations in the world. With a vast array of hotels and chalets to choose from, there is hardly ever any need for any Singaporean to splurge on flights just for a quick getaway. Singapore is home to numerous local chalets that offer both comfort and style at affordable rates. As a permanent resident, you are also one step closer towards enjoying discounted accommodation offered by certain chalets to Singapore citizens. Let’s take a look at some of the best chalets in Singapore, perfect for a weekend staycation.


D’Resort @ Downtown East

Located in Pasir Ris next to Escape Theme Park, D’Resort @Downtown East recently underwent a complete facelift that transformed it for the better. Where their rooms once languished from neglect, they now offer a plethora of accommodation options, ranging from brightly coloured family-oriented rooms to classy beach-view chalets. D’Resort offers guests an escape from the rest of the world without leaving behind all the modern comforts that most of us are accustomed to. These include complimentary WiFi with a range that extends throughout the entire resort as well as top amenities within each accommodation, such as a flat-screen TV, air-conditioning, bathrooms, as well as an electric kettle.


Civil Service Club @ Changi

The Civil Service Club @ Changi, better known as CSC @ Changi, also saw a major overhaul in 2014 that revamped its chalets into some of the most superb accommodations in Singapore. At slightly higher rates than D’Resort, its price range more than meets expectations by offering the best villas and suites that you can find on the island. You are free to select from a wide variety of chalets that directly face the sea to more affordable non-sea-facing chalets that, nonetheless, do not compromise on comfort and quality.

Just like D’Resort, complimentary WiFi is widely available across the entire property. Every chalet comes with a standard set of amenities, including a microwave, coffee maker, hairdryer, refrigerator, and even a torchlight in case of emergencies. CSC @ Changi also boasts a swimming pool, tennis courts, and even a bike gym for your use. There are even wheelchair-accessible chalets that include bathrooms, made to accommodate wheelchair-bound folks. Truly, you will be left with nothing to be desired.


Siloso Beach Resort, Sentosa

Conveniently located on Sentosa Island, Siloso Beach Resort is mere minutes away from some of the best attractions that Singapore has to offer. This is our famous, award-winning resort that takes great pride in its eco-friendly policies in every aspect of its daily operations. One of its many green initiatives includes the preservation of over a couple of hundred original on-site trees, combined with an addition of nearly 500 newer greenery. On top of that, Siloso Beach Resort seeks to reduce its overall carbon footprint by sourcing a great majority of their food options locally or from neighbouring ASEAN countries.


NSRCC Chalets

Short for National Service Resort and Country Club, NSRCC Chalets grant an extra month of priority booking to current and former National Service (NS) men, but is nevertheless, open to everyone else as well. It may be a little tougher to get a hold of one of these chalets because of this, but their off-peak period prices are well worth the attempt. Each and every one of the NSRCC chalets that are available for reservation is spacious, beach-facing, air-conditioned, and tastefully decorated to make you feel at home. Additionally, every unit comes with a fully-equipped kitchen, including a complete cutlery set. You may also be pleased to learn that each chalet is equipped with cable TV for you to enjoy with the entire family.


Cherryloft Resorts

Cherryloft Resorts is also located in Pasir Ris, making Singapore’s east side truly replete with some of the best chalets in the country. This is an excellent alternative to D’Resort, especially considering how in demand most of the chalets in Singapore are. The front desk at Cherryloft Resorts is available all day, making it much more convenient for occasions when you do require staff assistance at even the oddest hours. Each cabin comes equipped with a flat-screen TV and guests are free to use the swimming pool as well as BBQ facilities on the premises.


The Chevrons

Although the east side of Singapore may be home to more chalets, The Chevrons rises above as a noteworthy resort that is, for once, situated in the west. You will be free to choose to reserve either a chalet or a more spacious bungalow that may be more suited for larger families to stay or private parties. Built primarily to accommodate local NSmen, The Chevrons are, nonetheless, open to members of the public as well. All chalet units are fully equipped with complimentary WiFi, television sets, personalised sheltered BBQ pits, as well as a stylish kitchenette. Do note that these chalets are just as highly coveted as NSRCC Chalets, which means that you will need to be quick with reserving spots as soon as they open.