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6 Places in Singapore for Budget Shopping

Singapore is a shopping mecca; every year, millions of tourists travel to Singapore to shop for the latest fashions proffered by world-class brands. Not only do we have a dedicated shopping district called Orchard Road in the heart of the city, but shopping centres also continue to spring up in all the major town centres around the heartland areas. Even Changi Airport is about to open a megamall called Jewel in a matter of weeks.

As an avid shopper myself, I know for a fact that nothing beats the high of finding yourself a great bargain. If you have recently relocated to this territory, you are going to need some help discovering where to get the best deals; and that’s where we come in.

Here are the 6 best places in Singapore to shop on a budget all without compromising on style—if you know what you are doing.


Mustafa Centre

Mustafa is legendary among locals and tourists alike. This department store is 6 storeys high and 400,000 square feet of shopping space. There is a large range of products on offer at very good prices. It’s an all-in-one shopping centre where you can find cutlery, dishes and bedsheets on one level; herbs, spices and dried goods on another; and fine jewellery, cosmetics and cameras on the next. Need luggage bags? Sure, they have it. How about a sofa? Check. Need the latest trending style of sunglasses? Pretty sure you can find it here.

Prices here are fixed, however, so there is no need to bargain. The best part of this massive shopping centre? It’s open 24/7, 365 days a year. You can literally shop till you drop!


Bugis Street

Just across the street from the Bugis Junction shopping mall is Bugis Street, a bustling marketplace that’s nestled in between shophouses on either side. It’s reminiscent of the night markets that you find in Taiwan, with interesting tidbits and street food offerings, toys, knickknacks, and more than 600 shops selling office wear, dresses, swimwear, lingerie and accessories such as bags, wallets, watches and shoes that follow the latest fashion trends.

Here is where it is absolutely possible to pick up a watch for $5 and a dress for $10. Some stores have fixed prices but there are also many that are willing to bargain. If you’re a KPOP fan, head on to K Street on the second floor, which sells Korean cosmetics, fashion and tidbits. If you’re in the mood, you can also look at getting your nails done or even get a tattoo, all at very competitive prices.


City Plaza

City Plaza is not much to look at but it is a fashion hub for those in the know who want to buy clothing at wholesale prices. So if you’re looking to find the latest fashions at a fraction of the cost, you’ll definitely want to explore this five-storey mall. There are beauty salons if you want to do your hair, jewellery shops if you are looking for a pretty bauble, and stores that sell pre-loved clothing, accessories and vintage items that you should take the time to browse through. Many precious finds await the serious and patient bargain hunter.

Oh, and make sure to bring a healthy appetite when you go to City Plaza because you will want to try the famous Arnold’s Fried Chicken, arguably the best-tasting fried chicken you’ll find on these shores.



If you are a fan of big-name fashion brands, then you’ll definitely want to check out IMM, which is Singapore’s biggest outlet mall. With over 90 outlets stores, you can expect to shop brands like Calvin Klein, Furla, Kate Spade, Coach, Michael Kors, Timberland, Tumi, Club 21, and athletic gear from brand names like Nike, Adidas and Puma. There are also 220 retail shops and 50 other F&B establishments in the shop, and there are major sales all-year round so you can always expect to find a good deal here.


Changi City Point and Anchorpoint

If IMM is a bit of a trek for you, Easties can head over to Changi City Point. Here you’ll find winter wear, luggage bags (from brands like Samsonite and American Tourister) and other essential travel items at massive discounts. The mall also boasts outlets stores for brands like Lacoste, Puma, Esprit, Crocs and Fit Flops, just to name a few.

Anchorpoint is a smaller outlet that is closer to the city. There are two storeys of factory outlet stores that carry items from popular brands such as Charles & Keith, G2000, Cotton On, Billabong, FOX, Giordano, among others. Definitely worth a gander.


Scape Underground

This is the place for the fashion conscious youths (or the young-at-heart). Check out the budget-friendly options that are offered right in the heart of the shopping belt at Orchard Road. Scape Underground offers a wide variety of affordable but good quality products that are actually catered to the student market. Thanks to the subsidised rental and setup costs offered at Scape Underground, there is apparel, accessories and electronics that are popular with the younger set, all at much a lower price.