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6 Team Building Games To Bond With Colleagues

Moving to a new country might seem intimidating at first, especially when you are starting work at a new place, and you have a limited time to get to know your colleagues. However, there are a number of ways to create a strong bond with your colleagues that might last a lifetime. Partaking in team building games is one of the best and fun ways you can bond with your colleagues. Moreover, these kinds of activities also work to boost creativity, improve problem-solving skills and enhances your hand-eye coordination. Overall, these activities have the potential to form life-long bonds that can be extremely beneficial for the working environment. From adventurous activities for an exhilarating experience to creative teambuilding workshops and pursuits, here are six team bonding activities in Singapore that will bring everyone in the office closer together.


Fun Team Building Activities

Adventurous Activities

There are adventurous activities for the fun-loving, thrill-seekers who prefer a fast-paced and competitive game. Engage in some friendly competition while partaking in some of the most exciting games.

Bubble Soccer

Even if you are not a fan of soccer, this activity might just turn you into one. Bubble soccer is just like regular soccer but with a twist. Players will need to put on giant inflatable bubble suits shaped like a giant ball while trying to work with their teammates to score a goal. There are essentially four game modes that rely on teams strategising to come up with the best game plan to win the game. Players will also have to communicate with each other effectively to ensure that their team scores a point.

Archery Tag

Think Hunger Games without the blood and death, that’s Archery Tag in a nutshell. Players form up teams and eliminate their opponents by using the arrows given to them. This might sound like the perfect game to quite literally “shoot” those you can’t seem to agree with, but unfortunately, Carol from accounting will walk away unscathed as you will be using foam-tipped arrows. It goes without saying that this game is perfect as a group activity and for those who have a little Katniss in them.


Unless you have been living under a rock, you are vaguely aware of the game of dodgeball. Dodgeball is a game that requires two teams to throw balls at each other until the final person in the winning team is left standing. Players need to strategise and avoid getting hit by the balls thrown by the opposing team. If your teammate is hit by a ball and out of the team, you could always do him/her a solid by catching a ball thrown by the member of the opposing team and bring them back into the game for more bloodshed.

Laser Tag

Laser tag has gained a lot of traction in recent years for being a fun and extremely challenging activity. Players are required to capture the opponent’s base or accumulate as many points as possible from “hitting” the targets. And they have to do all of this while navigating through a maze that will expose them to close encounters. Not to mention, running around with a laser gun in an enclosed space with flashing lights, smoke swirls and loud pounding music while dodging to avoid being shot at will be nothing short of a challenge. This activity undoubtedly improves your focus, hand-eye coordination and depending on how you come out of it, your standing with your teammates who will talk about this for many lunches to come.


Creative Activities

There is an exciting number of activities that don’t just work up a sweat but also unleash the creative side in participants. These can range from workshops to even teambuilding activities that have one objective in mind, to bring colleagues closer together.

Dance Teambuilding

Dance teambuilding essentially focuses on encouraging participants to choreograph their own dance moves and working together to execute these moves together as a team. This is a wonderful way to boost creativity and create a bond between colleagues. Moreover, it is also a very inclusive activity as everyone on the team plays a role to be a part of the bigger picture. The entire process will allow participants to compensate and add to the strengths of their teammates. It will also be a new learning experience that all of the participants can enjoy together.

Ice Cream Workshop

What better way to bond with colleagues than over a pint of ice cream? An ice cream workshop will let you enjoy delicious ice cream while also bringing you closer together. Learn more about the ice cream making process while also creating a deeper bond with your sweet-tooth buddies. If you want to get the most out of an ice cream making workshop, consider joining the Udders Ice Cream Workshop. The ice cream workshop not only gives you a comprehensive hands-on experience, but also has a post-workshop ice cream buffet that includes all of the tantalising ice cream flavours, monster cones, ice cream floats, cold beverages, and waffles that your little heart desires.