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7 Best Places To Watch The Sunrise In Singapore

Are you a morning person? Or do you perhaps have ‘watching the sunrise’ on your bucket list but never actually managed to check it off? If you do succeed in becoming a local, you should really make it a point to catch the sunrise on this sunny island of ours — do it at least once in your life! Perhaps set aside an entire day for this sometime during the weekend. Our sunrise usually ranges from about 6.45am to 7.15am here, so it would be best to double check before making your plans. To begin with, here are the best places to start your day with breathtaking views of the sunrise in Singapore.


East Coast Park

Everyone knows that the sun rises from the east. Clearly, there is no better place to start than East Coast Park. Get the best views of the Singaporean sunrise by the breakwater, situated close to carpark F2 or head down Bedok Jetty. Once you are there, watch out for the sun rising to your left. East Coast Park is also one of the most satisfying cycling spots here since it boasts the longest stretch of beach in Singapore. Consider renting a bicycle while you are there!


Fort Canning Hill

Keen for a little morning uphill walk? Once you get to the top of Fort Canning Hill, you will be treated to one of the most beautiful views of the sunrise. This was once the home of Malay royalty back in the day and for good reason. Imagine being greeted by glorious, unadulterated views of the resplendent sunrise every single morning! However, the hill itself is about 48 metres high, which means that while it is an extremely easy hike, be sure to check with your doctor beforehand if you do have any existing medical conditions first.


Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin is an island situated in the northeast of Singapore that is still mostly untouched by modern urban development. Since there are no skyscrapers around, Pulau Ubin offers a truly unobstructed view of the sunrise. Begin your day by catching one of the bumboat rides and take your time as you walk along the beach from the jetty towards Jelutong Campsite. Each boat ride takes about 15 minutes and the first one departs from as early as 5.30am, so you can time your journey accordingly. However, do ensure that you check at least a day beforehand with the operator to ensure that they will be open on the day of your visit. There is so much to do at the island, so definitely set aside an entire day to discover our very own local flora and fauna.


Punggol Waterway Park

Close to Pulau Ubin is Punggol Waterway Park, located along Sentul Crescent in the northeast of Singapore. This park is segregated into four themed areas but the area that offers the best views of the sunrise is aptly named Sunrise Gateway. Bring along your trusty camera (even mobile phones these days are good enough!) and your loved ones for unparalleled sights of a Singaporean dawn. Make your way to the Sunrise Bridge by around 7am by following the various signs and footpath. Once the sun is up, you can make full use of the rest of your morning by engaging in some light exercise!


Marina Barrage

Located in the heart of the city, Marina Barrage is perfectly situated to offer visitors a complete 360° view of the bay area skyline. The park is open for 24 hours, which means that you can get there as early as you want to catch the sunrise! Although most angles offer beautiful views of the sunrise, the Merlion Park is the most popular spot for shutterbugs. Be sure to make yourself as comfortable as possible by bringing along some refreshments and a picnic mat as well.


Mount Faber Park

If Fort Canning Hill is too easy of a climb for you, try catching the sunrise at the second highest hill next time! Mount Faber Park is about 105 metres in height, so it would certainly be much more of a challenge for anyone up for it. Fret not if the thought of hiking intimidates you though! You should still be able to catch the sunrise at the peak of Mount Faber by driving uphill.


Eastern End Of Changi Boardwalk

Changi Boardwalk is located in the easternmost portion of Singapore, which certainly guarantees you clear views of the sunrise. In fact, you can pretty much see the sunrise from nearly every part of the boardwalk here. If you have any trouble at all with locating the boardwalk, simply keep a lookout for Changi Point Ferry Terminal. It should be easily visible from then onwards. Once the sun is up, you can make your way to the recently refurbished Changi Village and enjoy the rest of the morning with an unhurried local breakfast alongside your family and friends.