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7 Eateries To Sample Singapore’s Spiciest Wings

Singaporeans, as a general rule, are a bunch of foodies. Eating spicy food, in particular, is practically a national pastime, and we sure do love our beef rendang, chilli crab and mala hotpot.

If you are planning to live in this crowded city and happen to be someone who enjoys spicy food, know that you are in good company. The locals are always on the lookout for the next best place to enjoy the newest, spiciest dish. For many, the ability to stomach the red-hot stuff is worn like a badge of honour.

Should you be game, here are 10 places to attempt some of the spiciest chicken wings in Singapore! These are guaranteed to set your tongue and belly (and who knows what else) on fire—don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Handlebar @ Gillman Barracks

Handlebar has an awesome biker-themed concept and a raw and relaxed ambience. It serves up hearty and delicious dishes, both international and local; we are talking ayam panggang and hainanese pork chop, along with blossom onion and beer butt chicken.

But if you are looking to get all hot under the collar, you will want to order the highly addictive and rather appropriately named Cocaine Wings, which is available in three spiciness levels—low, medium and high. Let’s just say that the medium level is already pretty potent, so definitely try high at your own risk!


OverEasy @ One Fullerton

You will find all the classic American diner dishes on the menu at OverEasy; we’re talking burgers, fries and milkshakes. And then there is the southern fried chicken sandwich and the truffled lobster mac & cheese, which are interesting and mouth-watering takes on some traditional American fare.

Clearly, there are so many other delectable choices on the menu besides the spicy buffalo wings—lest we forget—that you came to try. Speaking of which, there are three levels: wimp, hot stuff and crazy mofo. Want to REALLY go for it? Ask for their Spicy Wings Roulette and see if you can stomach that one intense Level 10 wing hiding in the mix!


Spruce @ Upper Bukit Timah

Expect to indulge in hearty fare such as Boston clam ‘chowda’, ming tower nacho, lobster & crab ravioli, pulled pork burger and four different wing options that range from zero spice (no chilli) to their Devil’s Wings that earned four chillies on their menu. Then calm things down with a Japanese draught beer or a sundae!

Fun fact: Spruce is situated within an old fire station building. Too bad it’s now defunct or it could help put out the fire in your belly after you’ve had one too many pieces of their Devil’s Wings!


Kontiki @ Marina Bay

Brought to you by the founders of Handlebar, Kontiki is a casual dining restaurant that offers a lovely view of the Kallang River and Marina Bay skyline. The fare is pure Western comfort food that includes BBQ ribs, flame-grilled steaks and mac & cheese.

Don’t be lulled by the chill vibe, wide open spaces and heavenly water views; here is where you will attempt cocaine wings that the creators are calling them their death wings. Frankly, those death wings may end up becoming a hellish experience so we quite understand if you decide to go with their chilli con carne instead!


Southwest Tavern @ Boon Lay Way

The sight of Southwest Tavern’s bright red Suicide Wings alone may be enough to cause a belly ache. These guys aren’t playing. Suicide wings are bathed in Jolokia (or ghost pepper), which is a chilli pepper that was at one point the spiciest pepper in the world, according to the Guinness World Record.

The tavern also offers up what they call the Death Wing Challenge: finish half a dozen suicide wings with your hands and down one beer in 15 minutes and get on their hall of fame, a complimentary bottle of hot death sauce and the meal for free.

FYI, if you really love your spice, try their Spaghetti from Hell, which may actually be the spiciest pasta in the country.


Jerry’s BBQ and Grill @ Club Street

Jerry’s BBQ and Grill is famous for their tantalisingly good buffalo wings (they are called ‘The Most Talked-About Buffalo Wings’). There are six different levels of spice, from Smokin’ at level 1 to Jerry’s Insanity at level 6, and the latter is guaranteed to be a tearjerker (and it is not because you’re sad). There are other delicious dishes to be had while you’re there; their escargot and wagyu sirloin are certainly worth a try. Finish off with a classic and satisfying apple pie a la mode.


Wings Bar @ Clark Quay

Earn your ‘spice wings’ at this old-school all-American aviation-themed bar serving up all-American food. Try the fiery Spitfire wings and see if you soar with flying colours or end up taking an unfortunate nosedive! Whatever the result, you get points for bravery, so definitely reward yourself and cool down after with a thick, yummy chocolate milkshake.