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7 Places In Singapore For Your Photo Shoots

Whether you are planning a photoshoot for your wedding, graduation, family portrait or even for the sake of upping your game of social media postings we have got a list of gorgeous places in Singapore that can help you get amazing backgrounds for your snaps. Read on to find out what they are!


Tuas Lalang Field

A spot that is probably well-known to many photographers in Singapore would this dreamy and romantic lalang field. Lalang, a coarse weedy Malaysian grass that looks like a cross of cattail and dandelion populates the vast field at the west of the island. It is popular for creating the alluring mood that resembles that of a wheat field for pre-wedding and couple shoots. So if that is the concept that you are looking at achieving, head on over between 6:30pm to 7pm for those surreal and soft, glowy sunset shots. But be sure to wear long pants or skirts to prevent getting scratched by the grass! They may look soft and fluffy in pictures but they are prickly for sure.


Gilman Barracks

Gillman Barracks was a British outpost when Singapore was under the British Colony. Today, it is a contemporary arts cluster that is home to international art galleries, restaurants and more. The facade of the architecture features beautiful colonial details and colours. So if you like that bit of tropical colonial style to be injected in your portraits, this is definitely the place for you.

But if you are looking for a pastel-coloured background that would fit a bubblegum and roller skates era kind of photoshoot concept, lace up your wheels and skate over to Nenas Estate for your shoot instead. You will love the energetic and vibrant outlook of the place for sure.


Bukit Timah Rail Corridor

The rail corridor was formerly a railway line that was used for commuting and transporting goods between Singapore and the rest of the Malay Peninsula in the 20th century. Today, it is a long and lush nature corridor walk accompanied by scenic of Singapore. If you like the idea of having your snaps taken against the backdrop of railway tracks, this spot is definitely the one to please. The railway is now defunct hence, there is pretty much no risk of getting hit by an oncoming train, u like in many other countries where photography subjects risk their lives just to get a picture on a railway track.


Victoria Concert Hall

Built in 1905 and restored (and reopened)  in 2014, the Victoria Concert Hall makes a stunning backdrop for a grand and formal photo session. The Victorian Revival era details of the architecture give the building a sense of luxury and elegance without trying too hard. Other great places in mind with similar looks would be the National Museum of Singapore and National Gallery of Singapore. Do note that photo-taking in the interiors of these three spots would require a fee and also an appointment to be made at least a week in advance.


Bukit Timah Saddle Club

We think that this spot is a great one for yielding snaps of charming and rustic vibes with a touch of country air. There are horses for you to take photos with at a fee and the time slots to make an appointment for that will be Tuesday to Friday between 10:30 am – 11:30 pm or 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm. This stable is picturesque with its white picket fencing against the backdrop of the horse tracks and forest. There is also a short stretch of colonial black and white houses which are great for your photography plans too. Not to mention, there is a lovely cafe that you can have brunch at with the interior being impeccably suited for completing a series of portraits in a similar style.


Coney Island

If you love the rural vibes mentioned above, head on over to Coney Island. It is perfect for the misty pine forest-like images. Even if you are not going there for a photoshoot, having a picnic there while you chill and unwind from the week can be really nice. After all, it is surely a perk of becoming a local here, where you have easy access to many gardens, parks and nature spots to take a quick break from the urban city.


Tiong Bahru Estate

If you are one who prefers the old school charm with interesting architecture, Tiong Bahru Estate can be the place for your photography session. It features a mix of Art Deco and shophouses which are packed with a 60s charisma of Singapore’s buildings. On top of that, the influx of hipster cafes and restaurants gave the estate a refreshing update without being intrusive in their interior designs. This may be the perfect spot for a family photo series or a 60s themed photoshoot.