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A Guide to International Schools in Singapore

Moving to a new country is no easy feat, especially when you are relocating your entire family. After finding suitable accommodation, the next most important decision is to find a good school for your kids to continue their studies. Fortunately, Singapore is home to a large number of international schools that can cater to students from all walks of life. Additionally, these schools also have an extensive range of curriculums, including single-country programmes and the International Baccalaureate and International Primary Curriculum. Let’s look at some of the best international schools in Singapore.


Guide to International Schools in Singapore

GEMS World Academy

The renowned GEMS is as international as they come. Comprised of students of various nationalities, over 60,  the school strives to cater to students with diverse backgrounds. Additionally, GEMS World Academy seeks to provide countless learning opportunities for the international student community in Singapore. Students attending the school will go through Nursery to Grade 12 (2-18 years). And since students are practically spending all of their formative years and early adult life in the same place, the school takes necessary steps to create an environment that fosters creativity, cultivates the entrepreneurial spirit, and hones the innovative skills of each of its students. With a strong belief in holistic learning that focuses on nurturing core human values and building real-life skills, the school goes beyond the conventional to ensure its students aren’t just academically inclined. Moreover, the institution concentrates on the students’ all-round development, for instance, all students from Grades 1 to 5 (aged seven to 11) are provided with either a cello or a violin. Besides this, the school also has a comprehensive sporting facility that comes with an Olympic-sized swimming pool, gym, football pitch and a climbing wall. If that doesn’t justify the S$20,000/year cost, then the 750-seat auditorium and indoor planetarium might.

Stamford American International School

Another notable mention is the Stamford American International School. With a vision to inspire students to be socially academically and ecologically inclined. The school offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme for all nationalities aged between six and 18. One of the biggest advantages of studying here is the flexible education pathway that students can choose from once they graduate. The school is complete with an extensive sports facilities which include swimming pools, two air-conditioned indoor sports arenas, dance, roof-top tennis courts, dance studios, multi-purpose sports field, rock climbing walls and a Golf Academy. Much like the curriculum adopted by GEMS World Academy, the Stamford American International School doesn’t just focus on academics, but it also cultivates talent and allows students to explore different interests. To effectively combine a passion for drama and music, the school has 500-seat professional theatre and other world-class facilities to cater to the growing needs of students and its faculty. Additionally, the school produced 10 annual theatre productions to inspire budding actors and directors.

Australian International School

With a vision to be an internationally recognised institution that reflects educational excellence, the Australian International School commits to a holistic and well-rounded education for its students. This essentially means that the school’s curriculum centres around arts and sports as well as academics. To keep up with the modern age, where global connectivity plays an integral role in our day-to-day lives, the school’s libraries are equipped with 24/7 access to a dedicated library website which is steeped in a wealth of carefully curated digital resources. It goes without saying that this school has created an environment that caters to individual learning and academic excellence. Additionally, students attending the Australian International School are given a chance to choose from a wide range of activities depending on their interests. Some of the activities offered are dance, chess, public speaking, International cookery, music, robotics and theatre. Their CCA program also has an extensive and exhilarating sports programme which features activities such as AFL, golf, rock climbing, scuba diving, wakeboarding, yoga and Zumba. Besides that, the school has a Participative Sport Program which is comprised of sports development squads including cricket, netball, and soccer. This programme essentially allows students to hone their skills, improve their coordination and foster team-building in a non-representative setting. The schools CCA program begins in Year 2 as a lunchtime program. It then continues from Year 3 and Year 12 as both lunchtime and an after-school program. Moreover, all the students in Year 2 through Year 11 are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one CCA per semester. Students in Year 12 have the option to partake in any program they wish.


The Bottom Line

Needless to say, it is best to visit a school and engage with faculty before deciding to enrol your children into an international school or a local school. In addition to that, prior research is crucial to understand how these schools can cater to the needs of your child while providing a conducive and holistic learning environment.