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All-British Sunday Roasts Are A Thing In Singapore

When it comes to Brits, nothing compares to a traditional British roast and those skimpy eggs benedict or club sandwiches that you would find at a cafe just wouldn’t do. As per tradition, the roast is an unshakeable pillar of tradition that takes place every Sunday and even Henry Fielding had paid tribute to “The Roast Beef of Old England” in his 1731 play, ‘The Grub-Street Opera’. If you didn’t already know, the tradition of Sunday roast originated as a meal to partake after church on Sunday and it is interestingly so because of how Sunday is a day where all types of meat can be eaten as compared to Fridays, where most Roman Catholics and Anglicans abstain from meat in favour of fish.

This has evolved into pretty much a commonplace practice in the home and it is now at the very heart of British cooking traditions. You would often find the whole family coming together at the dining table in Britain to partake in the Sunday roast and Sundays are a holy time for most to spend family time together. Because of how Sunday roasts are almost always served up in huge portions, the leftovers are very often made a huge part in meals on the following days of the week. So don’t be all too surprised if you notice roast beef sandwiches and roast beef hash making up your breakfast on Monday mornings. To our dear friends up North, there is absolutely no need to give up this age-old tradition when you move to this place. As traditions go, discover more about how this is preserved in Singapore even when you are miles away from home.


What Is In A Sunday Roast?

Typically, the many component of a roast is the roast beef, lamb, pork, chicken, roast potatoes and other accompaniments that would include the Yorkshire pudding (that is nothing savoury and it is actually a puffy batter pudding made with dough), stuffing, roasted vegetables like Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, peas before it is topped off with a decadent amount of gravy. Of course, the list of ingredients to a Sunday roast has expanded to even include roast parsnips, pigs in blankets, suet pudding, crackling and cauliflower cheese.


How Are Sunday Roasts Done In Singapore?

On Sunday, the pubs in UK often have a special menu for the last day of the week, featuring Sunday roast accompanied with a free-flow of beer for a great deal. It is the same in Singapore and a few British pubs and restaurants in sunny Singapore have aimed to replicate that good ol’ British dining experience for their expat customers and anglophiles alike. Here are a few pubs and restaurants in Singapore that you would find the trusty Sunday roasts at.

Oxwell & Co.

Bourne out of the best of Britain, Oxwell & Co. has been said to be where you would find a solid Sunday roast. Thankfully, for those who might have hit the barrel a little too hard the night before, service starts a little later on Sundays at noon for you to find your bearings and enter headfirst into a wholesome meal. The Sunday roast at Oxwell & Co. are always a popular choice because of the premium choice of meat served. Every Sunday, you can gorge on slices of 28-day dry-aged striploin that is topped with roast potatoes, roast vegetables and gravy. Some might say this would be the best way to end the week on a high.

The English House

Unlike the time-honoured British pubs, the English House stands as an eclectic restaurant that takes the best from old England and Singapore. Walk through the doors and you would feel the two merging together in a whimsical yet marvellous manner in its decor within the tastefully conserved building along Mohamed Sultan Road. On the dining table, the classic Sunday roast is served and diners can choose from roast chicken, honey roast pork belly with apple sauce and roast rib of black Angus molly parkin. In its accompanying sides, you will see the chef’s creativeness at play — the mains are served with box tree braised red cabbage, swede puree, buttered garden peas and roast potatoes topped with rich gravy. Right here is where we think your family and you will love.

Muddy Murphy’s

This pub might not be classified as a British establishment, but they still deserve a spot on the list for serving up one of the best Sunday roast. You might probably have discovered Muddy Murphy’s since it is well-renowned for its dedication to screening sports of every variant. To fuel hungry bar guests, the Irish pub has prioritised feeding them with the best bar grub that one can find. On Sundays, it is a shift from the burgers and fries and between the hours of 11:30am and 4pm, you will find slow roasted hand-carved prime beef that has been layered in a thick gravy that goes perfectly well with the creamy mash, vegetables and Yorkshire pudding. Looking for a tipple to chaperon all that hunky dory meat, you will be spoiled with choice from the beers on tap, wines and spirit.