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Applying for Singapore PR: A Checklist

Becoming a Permanent Resident (PR) of Singapore is an exciting prospect. After all, there are many amazing benefits to being a Singaporean PR.

The application process, however, can be complex in parts, tedious at times, and frankly, rather time-consuming. And for you to increase the chances of approval when you apply for Singapore PR, it is important that you practice due diligence and do your research thoroughly.

Here is a handy checklist to help you get started.


Confirm Your Eligibility

As a foreigner, how do you apply for Singapore PR? First, you will have to satisfy one of the following criteria. You will need to be:

  • The spouse of a Singapore citizen or PR
  • The child (unmarried) below the age of 21, who is born to or legally adopted by a Singapore citizen or PR
  • An aged parent of a Singapore citizen
  • An S Pass or Employment Pass holder
  • A foreign investor in the country
  • A student studying in the country

Do you fulfil one or more of the criteria above? Great! Let’s proceed to the next item on the checklist: How to apply for Singapore PR.


Where and How to Apply for Singapore PR

Since December 2017, all PR applications are submitted online through the Electronic-Permanent Residence (e-PR) System. For that, you will require a valid SingPass account. Foreign students may use their Foreign Identification Number or FIN along with the date of issue of your immigration pass. Foreign investors may apply via the Global Investor Programme at the Economic Development Board (EDB).

Before you file your application with the e-Service, you will need to first get all important documents in order.


Compile Your Documents

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, the next step is to prepare all the required documents. The ICA website provides detailed explanatory notes and document lists, which you may download based on your individual eligibility requirements.

Getting the right documents in order on your own can be an intimidating and exhausting experience, especially when you are already spending long hours at work and are short on quality time with the family.

Unfortunately, this is the part where many make mistakes, such as compiling the wrong documents or getting them mixed up. And should you have non-English documents that need to be translated for submission, that is another thing people have been known to overlook. These  are some possible reasons that result in your PR application to be rejected.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with work and family commitments or struggling to carve out time to apply for Singapore PR? Choosing a consultancy like Immigration Solutions—which has a high success when it comes to PR application approvals—to help you handle the PR application process from start to finish, could be the answer.


Know What Makes You Stand Out

When you are competing against tens of thousands of others, it is important for your application to pop out among a sea of other applicants. It is the reason why the cover letter is such a crucial part of your application. (Read: 3 Main Problems of Submitting PR Application Forms Without a PR Cover Letter.)

When preparing your cover letter, it’s important to have some insight into what ICA agents are looking for in PR applications. If you need assistance with crafting the perfect cover letter, Immigration Solutions Singapore can help.


Allow Time For Processing

Once you have all your paperwork in order, congratulations—it is time to submit your application. Do know that it takes the ICA about 4 to 6 months to process your application, and in some instances, it may take even longer. So make sure you have built in ample time for this entire process so that it fits well with your plans.