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Apps To Get You Acquainted with Singapore

With the advancement of technology, navigating your way around Singapore has never been easier. Whether you’re uncovering new places, exploring attractions or sightseeing popular sights, these apps will give you peace of mind when you are travelling.


Helpful Apps For First-Time Visitors

Singapore might be tiny, but it comes with limitless opportunities if you look hard enough, or not. Thanks to the help of various apps that help you get in and around this country, neither of us have to spend loads of time or money looking for the next new experience. Moreover, these apps have given us the opportunity to find new places and even connect with like-minded individuals.

Singapore Travel Guide App (Available on IOS)

One app that has been hailed for bringing people and experiences together is Singapore Travel Guide app by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), the official tourism board of Singapore. If you are a food lover who embarks on a gastronomic journey every so often or even a traveller who seeks to discover the undiscovered, this app will match your interests with places and people with similar interests. The app provides information on upcoming events, lifestyle offerings that are near your area and around the island. You will also have a recommended list of accommodation, nightlife, tours, food and shopping experiences. If you are a first-time visitor to Singapore, this app will also provide you will all the essential and practical information you need to know about the country, be it currency exchange rates or the nearest Wi-Fi hotspots. Unfortunately for Android users, this app is only available on iOS. However, there are several Singapore travel guide apps on Android that contain similar functions. These apps will also provide detailed information about various places in Singapore, the sights, attractions and activities that you can partake in.

Tourego (Available on Android and IOS)

Tourego is an innovative app for tourists who would like to skip the tedious paperwork that comes with obtaining a tourist refund. Since service charge is factored into the Goods and Services Tax (GST), tipping is not a common practice in Singapore. This means tourists visiting Singapore are eligible for the Tourist Tax Refund Scheme under the condition that they purchase more than 100 SGD at any of the participating stores. Not sure which are the participating stores? No worries, the app will show you all the participating stores that are Tourego-friendly. Note that you will need to scan your passport in order to complete the registration process. The app also includes other features such as transaction history, best picks for food, sightseeing, events, arts, shopping and promotions. So you will not only enjoy the best of Singapore, but you will also get back some of the money you spent in the process, how fun is that?


Apps For Anyone

Chope (Available on Android and IOS)

Chop is a simple app with an extremely important function. It helps people make instant online reservations at the most exclusive restaurants in a number of countries, including Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kon, Phuket, Shanghai, Jakarta and Bali. What’s more, this app also shows you locations, menus, prices, recommended dishes, reviews and many more. This app will especially come in handy during public holidays when it is harder to make a reservation. Additionally, chope also has exclusive promotions like the 1-for-1 buffet deals that offer up to 60% discount vouchers. It’s safe to assume that even locals would want to get in on these deals!

Burpple (Available on Android and IOS)

Burpple is a restaurant and food app that highlights restaurants and places recommended by locals. It also features food guides and newly-opened restaurants as well, so you will never be late to the party. Similar to Chope, Burpple has 1-for-1 deals to exclusive restaurants and eateries as well. Whatever you’re looking for, be it dessert, meals or even buffets, Burpple has you covered. Another wonderful thing about Burrple features an extensive list of food places and restaurants all over the country. In fact, they have listed neighbourhoods in alphabetical order to help you find the best place to eat nearest to you.

MyTransport Singapore (Available on Android and IOS)

Launched by the Land Transport Authority (LTA), this app offers a wide range of information for people looking to get a better experience from public transportation. It also goes a step further by providing motorists, drivers and cyclists essential information to make their commute safer and easier. The app has a number of helpful functions for its users. For instance, if you find yourself in an unfamiliar part of the town, you can use the app to find the nearest bus stop along with the buses that stop there and the bus routes of those bus services. If you’re driving, you can get real-time parking availability for high-traffic locations, you can also view live traffic images before deciding on which highway or route you would like to take.