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Apps You Should Download While In Singapore

Smartphones and the internet have made our lives so much easier and we cannot deny that. It is a fact that apart from social media platforms, we rely upon quite a number of other mobile applications to travel around, to get great deals, locate dining spots and even to meet new people and widen our social circle. While it is your first time here or if you have just moved here to this territory, we have a list of all the essential apps to make life much easier for you. Read on!


PropertyGuru To Find Your Perfect House

Finding the perfect apartment here in Singapore that doesn’t break the bank is probably number one on your to-do list. Apart from the many available sites for you to search for the perfect spot, there is PropertyGuru to your rescue. Pick from private condominiums, landed properties and even the public housing units and rooms rentals. All you have to do to get in touch with property agents and homeowners is simply sign up via the application and you are very much ready to kickstart the house hunt. There are also plenty of filters that you can use to help you narrow down the options for your dream home. There are also many other rental applications available but we personally find this app really useful and a breeze to use.


Honestbee, Amazon & Redmart For Grocery Shopping Online

When you have a whole shopping list to grab your necessity but am too tired to head out or to schlep your heavy groceries home, these applications are here to the rescue! From groceries, tech gadgets and random bits and bobs, you will definitely be able to find them on the apps and have it all sorted out for you.


Food Panda & Deliveroo For Food Delivery

These apps are amazing when you plan not to head out for your meals or need food delivered to you while you slay the day away during your busy schedule. You can even order your food while you are on your way home or at any time of the day by scheduling the delivery timing too. Plus, the food options on the applications are of great abundance, so you don’t you worry about not finding something to eat.


Meetup To Start Meeting New Friends

Love to watch movies? There’s a group for that. With your place to stay and live in, you are definitely going to need homies to chill with. Meetup is a wonderful service that lets you join groups and find people who vibe with you. From amateur photographers, tennis players and home cooks, there is surely a group that will tickle your fancy and be happy to meet you.


Singapore Heritage Trails For A Stroll In Nature

If you need a breather, exploring the Singapore Heritage Trails can be your guide to find the nearest spot to unwind to the most scenic spots that people in Singapore love to brisk walk, jog or even cycle. If you are a nature lover or love to be out with nature, this is an application that you should not miss. Just charge your phone and go wander.


CityMapper For Public Transport

Next up on the app-solute lifesaver list is one that can help you move around town easily. Get ready and familiarise yourself with the public transport systems here in Singapore as it will be a major part of your life. If you own a car,  the usual google maps will make the cut, but before you get your hands on a four-wheel drive, you may need to get things going with the public transportation services.

CityMapper is the app that will throw up everything you could possibly need, from the nearest bus stops/MRT stations to the heat safe walking paths, the bus numbers and even the number of calories you will burn if you choose to walk or bike there. To make things even better, the app buzzes to notify you to get off at the right bus stop. How convenient!


Grab & Comfort Taxi To Get Your Ride Home In A Jiffy

Like many cities, there are several taxi services applications that you can choose from to bring you to your next destination. If you are fresh off the boat, we do suggest you get familiar with these two options for a quick start. The Grab application has an inbuilt digital wallet that you can pay for shopping and food too!


[email protected] To Always Be Connected

Many public places in Singapore have free WiFi that you can tap on if you happen to not be able to get access to your own data plan any time soon or if you are on a limited data plan. The complimentary wifi across Singapore is fast, safe and can be accessed by just by signing up an account to start. It is as simple as that.