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Becoming Singapore PR Is More than Just Luck

Becoming a Permanent Resident (PR) of Singapore is a cherished dream of many who live in less prosperous countries. The allure of a better life, under a more stable government, and a more thriving economy, is something that finally convinces people that getting that coveted PR status is worth it. But what would it take to make that happen?


The Right Conditions

People often ask how difficult it is to get Singapore PR status. The right answer is: It really all depends on:

  • Who your competition is, in terms of other PR applicants vying for the restricted quota of applications.
  • What your personal situation is, in terms of skills, qualifications and financial status.
  • Prevailing geo-political situation, in terms of the state of relationship between your existing homeland and Singapore.
  • How your Permanent Resident status application is prepared, and by whom.

All of these four points combine together to form the backdrop of how your particular application will be decided – either accepted, or denied! Success will therefore depend on whether the right conditions exist when your file your application, and the same when your application is finally processed. Unfortunately, PR applicants have minimal to no power to influence the first three points, while they can however totally control the last of the influencing factors.


Stacking The Odds

As you live your life, you may rarely have thought about ultimately applying to become a Singapore PR. In that sense, it’s unlikely that you could have deliberately worked, decades before you apply, to stack the odds in your favour.

Take the application quota, for instance. The Singapore government reviews its quota policy regularly, and makes changes to it periodically. The government does not publicly disclose the number of permanent residents it will allow into the country – and for good reason. These decisions are taken based on economic and other criteria, and making them public could result in a flood of applications being received.
Since the quota for the number of successful applicants is always kept secret you, as an intended PR applicant, have no influence on that number.

Similarly, since your personal situation, financial status and other traits have taken decades to build, it is highly unlikely that you can enact dramatic changes to influence your PR application. Sure, there may be some short-term changes (e.g. learning new skills, picking up an additional language like English or Chinese) you can make. But you might now, for instance, dramatically alter your salary or your earning power to stack the odds in your favor.

The same holds true when it comes to your attempts to influence international relations and geo-politics. As an individual intending PR applicant, there’s not much you can do that will stack those odds in your favour.


Changing The Odds

There is one factor, of the four previously discussed, which would-be Permanent Residents can influence in their favor. And that’s how the plan to apply for PR status.
Given that most “average” applicants may not be well versed in the application process, one way to change the odds in your favour is to seek professional help with the application. And a partner like Immigration Solutions can help you beat the odds. Why?

  • Because that’s what they do for a living.
  • Because they have experts who know the PR application process inside out.
  • Because they have a track record of helping thousands of people just like you succeed.

The benefit of having someone on your side, that’s successfully navigated through the PR application process hundreds of times before, will dramatically increase your chances of getting your application approved. What most individual applicants fail to realize is that this process isn’t as simple as it looks – it does have its nuances. And getting one small detail wrong could cost you:

  • In terms of money – because your processing fee is non-refundable.
  • In terms of time – because you aren’t eligible to reapply until the statutory wait period (usually 1 year).
  • In terms of missed opportunities – that you could have enjoyed in your new home country had you approached the application process correctly in the first instance.

With Immigration Solutions professionals on your side, your chances of successfully receiving Permanent Resident status in Singapore will dramatically increase to approximately 90 to 98%. And those are the types of odds you need in your favour in order to win – not just luck! Want to know more about getting your PR in Singapore?