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Best Fitness Grounds in Singapore: Part 1

Having successfully settled in the bustling Lion city and adapted to the Singaporean way of life, you wake up one morning and decide to raise your fitness game up by a notch seeing that everything has fallen nicely into place since your decision to make the switch and live in this city-state. So, you start your own little research on how to eat better, prep healthy meals for yourself and perfected your sleep-wake routine. Then comes the next step, which may not be as straightforward as many of us think it is — choosing the right gym for yourself.

When it comes to gym selection, the struggle is real. There is a multitude of factors to think of such as the location, membership rates and the type of classes or workouts they offer, among others. Fret not, as we have managed to suss out some of the best houses of gains you can find in Singapore, ranging from the affordable high intensity interval training (HIIT) studios and boutique clubs to the posh and luxurious gyms with their very own juice bars for a quick protein shot before or after your workout.


The Pit

Allow us to kick things off with one of the most brutal yet glorious house of gains going by the name of The Pit. Over the years, this gritty gym has established itself as the black hole that effectively transforms people into a stronger, faster and fitter version of themselves with its no-nonsense, no-walk-in-the-park, bone-crunching, chihuahua-eating and Spartan-crying workout routines. Led by some of the most decorated athletes such as Irving Henderson, Juan WJ and Chua Ming Su, The Pit is dedicated for the most unshakable and dedicated fitness buffs who are relentless in achieving their goals and are willing to go through the distance by pushing themselves over the limit, and then some, to get to the pinnacle of success.

The Pit offers personal coaching as well as group sessions like the Meetcon and Martial Arts that you can enjoy with your workmates and girlfriends after a long day in the office. While everyone that comes together in The Pit is treated like family, do not even for a second think that you’d be granted some slack or get it off easy during your low-intensity workout days. The trainers at The Pit have a unique practice of handing out their trainees with “homework” of some sort, which involves a fixed number of deadlifts repetitions and the likes of it, that must strictly be completed within the week.

Take a leap and step foot in The Pit — if you dare.


Platinum Fitness

There is a new player in town, and it is located right smack in the heart of the Central Business District area. Cosily snuggled in the basement of Downtown Gallery, Platinum Fitness markets itself as the affordable and chic 24/7 premium gym with membership fees that do not blaze a hole in your back and side pockets. This fitness ground with an intimate space has been strategically maximised to fit in an array of top-of-the-range cardio machines and other equipment, as well as a comfortable free weight zone if you happen to be in the formidable mood for something more intense.

Already have your own personal trainer? No problem, Mary Watson. Just pay a small fee and into Platinum Fitness they go. In addition, this gym also offers full-body HIIT sessions that will have you leave the gym feeling like a million bucks. With all these perks and convenience under one roof, come sneak in a lunch workout at Platinum Fitness to see if this one tickles your pickle.


HomeTeamNS Fitness Workz

We’ll let you in on a secret: HomeTeamNS clubhouses were initially established for NS servicemen and their families to bond over a wide range of recreational activities, but do you know that its fitness facilities are open to the public, complete with reasonable guest membership fees and walk-in rates?

So get out of bed, Daisy Head, and check out the string of Fitness Workz gyms located at Sembawang, Balestier and Bukit Batok that are equipped with swimming pools, steam rooms and boast a remarkable range of cardio and weight-lifting equipment. There are also qualified gym instructors on hand to help you with your workouts or address any questions you may have on how to ace your goals.



Probably the most exclusive gym you can find in town, Gravity by Fitness First is indeed living up to its name of providing its members with unrivalled gym amenities. Step into this luxurious gym space on the 38th floor of CapitaGreen tower on Market Street and complete your workout like royalty with its state-of-the-art facilities such as a temperature-controlled infinity pool, private workspaces and shirt pressing services, as well as an in-house spa. Working out has never looked so fly.