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Best Fitness Grounds in Singapore: Part 2

Yes, you have read through and checked out the gyms that were mentioned in the first portion of this two-part article but from the looks of it, you still haven’t found for yourself a suitable gym that meets your strict expectations. You realise now that this is becoming harder than you would have expected — even harder than the adjusting phase you have gone through when you decide to swap your foreign-coloured passport in exchange for the red of Singapore’s.

So, what’s next? If you are thinking of dropping this whole gym-hunting adventure, we urge you to think again, because the greatest wealth in life is none other than health. Especially at a time where fast food and trending hipster fare is rampant, the need to engage in fitness regimes and exercises for better cardiovascular and overall health is greater than ever. Failure to do so can potentially increase your risk factor of developing potential health and mental conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, depression and anxiety, among others.

For most of us, hitting the gym is the best bet to squeeze in for ourselves a balanced fitness workout, which is one of the reasons why you should not ditch your initial plan to search for the right gym that suits your needs.  And to help you achieve that, we have unearthed for you another string of fitness centres that may just float your boat.


Fitness First

One of the attractions for this particular Fitness First gym outlet located at the heart of the Central Business District (CBD) area in One George Street is its heated outdoor pool overlooking Boat Quay and the serene Singapore River. After an hour and a half of intense workout, slip into your eye-catching swimwear and flaunt your deeply-etched muscles by having a lap or two in the pool. Too tired for some strokes? Not a problem! Just lounge by the pool and enjoy the view of the bustling CBD streets below.

Apart from a wide range of free weights and state-of-the-art strength equipment, this 10,000 square foot fitness ground is also equipped with the latest equipment to keep your workout routines fun, fresh and effective.


Virgin Active

Boasting an impressive 30,000 square feet of space, Virgin Active located at Tanjong Pagar offers users six different workout areas and three fitness studios that conduct up to two hundred fitness classes week in and week out. so, what is the draw for this gym besides its Anfield-like fitness space? Virgin Active features a unique studio that replicates training conditions of up to three thousand metres above sea level that is sure to take the wind out of you.

This luxury chic-looking gym is also decked out with a multitude of relaxation and recovery amenities, such as steam and ice rooms, a Himalayan salt room as well as a gravity-less sleep pods where you can conveniently power-nap for not exceeding twenty minutes to charge yourselves back up before you begin your workout or even midway through the day, if your office is situated nearby that is!


The Yoga School

Some of us may visualise lean torsos and washboard abs to mentally spur us in the gym, while others require a pretty view to get that pretty booty going. If a non-conventional gym and a view are what you are looking for, then The Yoga School may just be the one for you! This fitness studio has its members executing the different yoga poses against a spectacular backdrop of Singapore’s city skyline. Moreover, its fashionable lounge that comes complete with a juice bar that beckons you to chill out with your girlfriends after your yoga session does not disappoint either.

As its name suggests, The Yoga School offers various yoga and Pilates classes ranging from the basic Yin Yoga and Iyengar Yoga to more advanced and unique lessons such as the Kundalini and Hatha Radja. You can also expect worldwide acclaimed yoga gurus such as Yiannis Mukta Om from New York to fly down to sunny Singapore and host exclusive workshops here.


Pure Fitness

If you are a fitness avid and a frequent gym-goer, you would probably have heard about Pure Fitness and its impressive 32,000 square feet club that boasts three studios which offer more than 120 group classes weekly conducted by both local and international acclaimed instructors. This vast fitness space is split into different zones to accommodate the different types of training and classes. With free Wi-Fi access as well as towels, socks, shorts and t-shirts all provided for, you basically need to turn up with only your shoes and undies to workout.

At Pure Fitness, you can choose to explode like a gold-medal Olympic runner at its dedicated athlete area fitted with a four-lane 35-meter indoor running or sprinting track. Or get your heart pumping wildly with medicine balls and kettlebells at the strength and conditioning corner. If that is not enough, they even have a competition Octagon MMA zone spectacular enough for aspiring boxers, wannabe kickboxers and Khabib-inspired grapplers.