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Best Luxury Gyms On The Planet

The conventional gym, or what some refer to as the glorious House of Gains, that have produced genetic champions like Arnold Schwarzenegger, was once deemed as a passing 80’s fad but has since morphed into fitness spaces and studios that have now grown into a $19 billion industry.

But is there really a gym worth packing your luggage and leaving home for?



Some of us need a cigarette to wind down. Some of us need chocolates to deal with a bad day. But the best of us need a great workout to cope with our stress, kill the bad vibes and turn a bad day into a smashing one in just about an hour. However, more often than not, the hardest bit is getting one foot out that door and put aside all of our other chores and “adulting” that we might have.

Now all of that will not matter if you are having your workout at the breathtakingly elegant Blanche — a six-level fitness club housed on its own at the historic Art Nouveau mansion in Pigalle. Have you ever watched Night at the Museum starring Ben Stiller? The Blanche is exactly that, but instead of being decked out with artefacts and relics, it has been transformed to a chic fitness club that is sure to make the hardcore of art lovers flock down for a session to carve out a six-pack. The Blanche is tastefully furnished with state-of-the-art equipment, dry sauna, steam room, studios for internal classes and a 20-meter infinity pool that is sure to make you forget all of your remaining chores and adulting duties.

The Blanche also houses a 75 square meter climbing wall and a boxing ring. It offers a wide variety of lessons and its classes commence as early as 7.45 AM every morning.


The Preserve

From art to nature, The Preserve located in Houston is sure to bring a broad grin to the faces of nature lovers. Presenting members with a zen oasis vibe, the thriving atrium greenery and pleasant garden views of this nature-inspired fitness clubhouse can transform the most lacklustre of workouts into something truly uplifting and revitalising.

The Preserve only takes in a limited number of members to prevent overcrowding and maintain its comfortable and spacious environment. Membership at this nature-centric fitness club also has its perks — you will be granted exclusive access to the city’s best personal trainers and qualified instructors, a multitude of classes, top of the line equipment, as well as the undivided attention of their warm and friendly staff who would not hesitate to go the extra mile to help you achieve your fitness goals.


Pure Fitness

No matter how gorgeous any fitness clubs might be, at the end of the day it all boils down to effective and efficient your workout is. For those of you with a tight and busy working schedule and are always looking to get the most of out your time and effort, then modern gym that offers the latest fitness technology and personal customisation may just be what you have been searching for.

And if you happen to be a local here, you may have just struck the jackpot. Pure Fitness is an elite Asian gym that also has a presence in Hong Kong and Shanghai and offers its members with a dedicated Innovation Lab where you can unleash the inner child in you and play with all the latest gadgetry without getting judged. For our sceptical readers, these gadgets are thoroughly researched and vetted before earning themselves a spot in the Innovation Lab and are known to effectively optimise the workouts of members.

Apart from the Innovation Lab, this vast 32,000 square feet premium fitness club is also equipped with three spacious studios that play host to over 120 weekly group classes conducted by highly qualified instructors. The facilities at Pure Fitness Singapore are almost endless — from a four-lane 35-meter indoor sprinting track to a competition-sized MMA Octagon ring and a vast conditioning corner for you to have a go at medicine balls and kettlebells.

With free Wi-Fi access, t-shirts, shorts, socks and towels all provided for, you only need to turn up at this gym empty-handed to get started.



You know things just got real when an Asian tech giant is involved in a particular project. Partnering with South Korea’s Samsung Group, Sitaras thrust itself at the forefront of fitness technology when this New York-based club opened its doors to a globally acclaimed state-of-the-art gym that features a proprietary digital tracking room which intelligently generates tailored fitness plans and routines for its members. This computer-generated regiment is created based on a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s vital stats, including total body fat percentage, cardiorespiratory capabilities, body mobility and strength, muscle memory, as well as muscle endurance, among others.

Additionally, their star team of personal trainers has guided numerous celebrities such as Elizabeth Tyler, Faith Hill and Kerry Washington through a series of successful weight loss programmes with the customised workout plan and nutrition counselling.