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Best Places to Buy Musical Instruments in Singapore

If you are a musician or someone who is aspiring to be a musician, one of the things that would be on the back of your mind would be finding a place to buy quality and affordable musical instruments, accessories and gears for your instruments. Often, it can take some time before you find a good place, especially if you have just moved to this country. However, despite its modest size, Singapore is home to a plethora of stores that sell everything from guitars, drums, pianos, basses, violins and many more.


Best Places to Buy Musical Instruments

Swee Lee

As one of the biggest music retailers, Swee Lee boasts an extensive range of musical instruments, DJ gear, accessories. Additionally, the 5,000 sq ft store features familiar brands such as Marshall, Gibson, Fender and Native Instruments. Besides selling quality instruments at great prices, the store goes a step further by providing repair services. And there is also a special VIP treatment—by appointment only, for music aficionados who would like a one-to-one consultation with professionals. And that’s not all, budding guitarists, drummers and bassists can also jam out to their heart’s content in one of the five teaching rooms in the store. If you need a break from shopping, you can always unwind at the Swee Lee Social Club, a casual and comfy place you can kick up your feet and relax with like-minded music lovers over a coffee by Common Man Coffee Roasters and desserts.


The famous Yamaha Corporation needs no introduction. The music giant is a haven for music enthusiasts who are looking for instruments, music-related gears and equipment. The store sells a variety of items including basses, keyboards, pianos, brass and woodwinds, percussions and drums, electronics, classical strings, professional audio systems, synthesizers, music production tools and many more. In addition to the myriad of quality instruments from the Yamaha line, the company also strives to cultivate a strong passion for music in both adults and children by offering comprehensive music lessons. Need to get something fixed? Yamaha’s technical support will get anything fixed for a price—depending on the damage. Alternatively, you can also visit the specialised stores at BeatSpot to get your hands on drums, accessories, synthesizers, acoustic and electric guitars.


Functioning as more than just a music academy, Cristofori, which is named after the inventor of piano Bartolomeo Cristofori, prides itself on its collection of instruments. With a heavy emphasis on classical music, the brand features a countless selection of Prillante, Bechstein, Suzuki, Rönisch, Pearl River and more. If pianos and violins aren’t what you are looking for, then you can always peruse the wide array of drums, keyboard, ukeleles, guitars including classical and electric while you are here. The store also sells a significant number of materials for learning, including books, music sheets and other related accessories. The best part, most of the items sold in the store are affordable!

Davis Guitar

Since 1989, Davis Guitar has served musicians from every level, from budding to professional. Over the years, the brand has gained traction and grew to become one of the biggest distributor and retailer of musical instruments in Singapore. For 29 years, Davis Guitar has sold the most comprehensive and unique list of accessories and strings, from amplifiers to spare parts. You can also find tuners, pickups, tuners, slides, capos, bags m straps and guitar parts. And that’s not all, the people at Davis Guitar are always there to help you or assist you in any way possible.

City Music

If there’s a place where you can get the best bang for your buck, then this is it. City Music has been in the music scene for the past 50 years and has dealt with everything from traditional acoustics to contemporary equipment. City Music is perfect for meeting all your electronic and digital musical solutions for all of your recording, audio and performing needs. Apart from having professionals around to help you out, the place is well-equipped with synthesizers, keyboards, guitar effects processors and amps, microphones, loudspeakers, workstations and samplers mixers and more. Here, you will also find the latest releases of popular brands such as Shure, Korg, Vox, Audio Technica and more.


The Bottom Line

It goes without saying that Singapore has a plethora of stores that sell a wide range of instruments, accessories, and music-related equipment that will aid you in your musical pursuits. If you are looking for a good deal on instruments or the like, it is best to visit these stores and compare them before making a purchase. The best part about most of these stores is that you can also purchase items online, however, if you are buying instruments, it is best to drop by the store and get a hands-on feel for them. Alternatively, you can also consult the helpful and professional staff to get a deeper insight into the kind of instrument that you should be getting for your musical ability.