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Boutique Hotels For A Quick Getaway In Singapore

In the search for a quick getaway while you are working here in Singapore? Well, instead of booking a spot with the usual luxury hotels that are of aplenty here, why not check out one of the more exotic boutique hotels instead? Packed with unique details, thoughtful designs while maintaining the luxurious accommodations, we have collated a list of boutique hotels that you can check in for a quick recharge over the weekends. These exquisite hotels will impress even the quirkiest of character, so read on to find your perfect retreat, without having to spend additional time and money to fly out of the country for a quick recharge.


Hotel Vagabond

Starting the list with an escapade to a time in Paris where extravagant and vibrant design is the declaration of wealth and luxury. Featuring Parisian-chic red interiors with gold accents, French designer Jacques Garcia has also included quirky sculptures of gold and bronze pieces by sculpteur Frank Le Ray. On top of an exciting, eclectic and quirky interior that awaits you to explore, the Vagabond Salon that is within the hotel has an array of performing artists’ showcase to be enjoyed together with delectable bites and cocktails. If exploring the hotel to look at travel photos from all around the world and unique collection of vintage and modern pieces that are exhibited in the hotel from hotelier Jacques Garcia’s collection pique your interest, Hotel Vagabond will make a wonderful and affordable getaway while you are living here in this nation.

Hotel Vagabond Singapore is located at 39 Syed Alwi Rd, Singapore 207630


AMOY Singapore Hotel

Spotting a stylish mix of modern design and oriental details in their rooms hotel that is AMOY Singapore Hotel, parked in Chinatown. The hotel’s design is inspired by the 1820s historical scenes of Singapore’s trading past. It is a time whereby Chinese from Zheng Zhou arrived and settled here in Singapore and were involved in the trading business. Living in an actual shophouse that was built around the period is one of the key attraction of this hotel, alongside the museum that it is and its charming entrance which was converted from one of the oldest temples in Singapore. If you are looking for a place to explore a part of Singapore’s heritage and history, this hotel is on that you should not miss.

AMOY Hotel is located at 76 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 048464


Porcelain Hotel

Have a penchant for Chinoiserie design or delicate porcelain pieces? The Porcelain Hotel is going to have you smiling from ear to ear while you are staying there. Comprised of a few adjoining traditional shop-houses, this cosy enclave is a dainty reflection of Singapore’s architectural design history. Graced with intricate porcelain patterns dating from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, a stay in this hotel promised to share with you a rich treasure of traditional Chinese porcelain designs.

Porcelain Hotel is located at 48 Mosque Street, Singapore 059526


Lloyd’s Inn

If the idea of being in a minimal, uncluttered space is your way of revitalising your body, mind and soul, Lloyd’s Inn can be your haven. Designed and styled with the modern minimalist concept that invites the outdoors in, so be expecting rooms that are airy, constantly infiltrated with an abundance of natural light and lots and lots of white space. Get away from the jarring noise and crowd of the city life and be in a well-curated space that injects a sense of liberation and cosiness.

Lloyd’s Inn is located at 2 Lloyd Road, Singapore 239091


Wanderlust Hotel

Worthy of the most hipster hotel in Singapore title, Wanderlust Hotel features a myriad of themed rooms that many will find hard to not swoon over. The hotel comprises of four levels, with each level and room being unique in theme. The designs of the rooms are inspired by the creation of space with monochromatic Pantone colours, imaginary creatures and nostalgia of Singapore. Delightful, quaint and charged with ideas and travelling dreams, Wanderlust Hotel is definitely a place to jolt some inspiration and satiate some short term travel desires for those who seek for an adventure.

Wanderlust Hotel is located at 2 Dickson Road, Singapore 209494


Naumi Hotel

Take a journey to an urban oasis with the elegant Naumi boutique hotel. With 5 different design concepts for their rooms featuring beautiful citation of furniture, materials and accessories, you will be guaranteed a luxurious stay of stylish, calming spaces. If you are looking for warm earthy tones for a soothing and cosy getaway, the habitat rooms are definitely a no-brainer. If you are out to explore a little Coco Chanel and Andy Warhol inspired spaces, you may just find your ‘suite’ spot right here. And while you are staying here, take a dip in the infinity pool and just relax.

Naumi Hotel is located at 41 Seah Street, Singapore 188396