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Common Mistakes When Applying for Singapore PR

The process involved in applying to be a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) can be a tedious task. With various details to fill out in the application form as well as supporting documents to include, it is easy to commit errors during your application process. When this happens, it can reduce your chances of becoming a Singapore PR.


Mistakes to Avoid in Your Singapore PR Application

Here are the four common mistakes you should avoid when applying to be a Singapore PR:

Rushing the Process

Some foreign professionals might apply for PR status once they are able to produce six months of payslips as these are some of the documents needed in a Singapore PR application. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this, but you can increase your chances of a successful application by waiting until you have worked in Singapore for a few years. This shows your willingness to contribute to the country’s economy, thus displaying your commitment to this Lion City.

Missing Documents

There is a list of supporting documents required in your PR application such as your work pass or permit, birth certificate, testimonials from your past employers as well as a letter from your current employer. Another essential document you should include is a cover letter, which can help set you apart from the rest of the applicants.

This is why the PR application process should not be done on your own — it poses too much of a risk as there is no expert to guide you in the process. To prevent this from occurring, book an appointment with an immigration consultant who can aid you in your application.

Illegible Handwriting

Illegible handwriting is another mistake commonly overlooked by PR applicants. This might seem like a minor detail, but remember, you are just one of many people who are applying to be a Singapore PR. Imagine if you were the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority officer having to go through hundreds of forms, and you receive one with handwriting that is hard to decipher. It does not seem likely that your application will be accepted, right? Therefore, the better option is to type out the details in the form instead.

Incomplete Details

There is a myriad of details you need to provide in your PR application form and accidentally missing out any of the required fields will definitely get your application rejected. Important fields you should pay special attention to include your employment and education history as well as your family details. There is also an annex form your employer will need to complete. Hence, be thorough when filling out your application form and always check to confirm that you have not missed any crucial information.