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Decorating Your New Apartment In Singapore

If you are planning to shift to this city or have found yourself a quaint apartment amongst the shoe box designs that are carefully and efficiently design and constructed in this small but wonderful sunny island, we have got some great decorating tips to help you settle into your new place in Singapore without feeling the pinch in space effortlessly. Read on!


Bring The Outdoors In With Refreshing Greenery

Singapore takes pride to be given the title of a garden city, and we can totally see why. With greenery infiltrating its urbanscape and the many parks and gardens that make a walk the city feels like a stroll in a ginormous garden. Apart from aesthetic reasons, having these many trees and plants can help keep the air that you breathe renewed and refreshed every day. It is one of the core purposes of this integration of nature and urban infrastructures.

Take inspiration and embrace this ingenious tip and decorate your home with a refreshing interior. With the tropical climate here, it is definitely easy to introduce luscious green plants that require low maintenance into your new interior. One of the simplest ways to do so is to include small plants into your minute apartment without clutter is to pop them on your tall display shelves, table tops, hanging at a corner. For larger plants, tuck them at nooks and corners where a standing lamp can be placed. Twirl some fairy lights on your plants and they make great ambient lamps in place of actual lamps.


Going Vertical

Like many cities that build massive skyscrapers due to land area constraints, Singapore does it too. And to cope with forestalling extreme constrained spatial conditions. The reduction in the floor area for the apartments in Singapore has got many architects creating spaces with taller ceiling heights, to compensate for the lack of ground area. This means that you will probably have more vertical space to make use of for storage and to display your belongings. With proper planning, you will surely find that clutter can be kept at bay, giving you more walking space in your rooms. Do try installing a combination of open bookshelves, closed cabinets and a sitting nook—which can be really helpful to integrate a banquette seat to your dining area or living room—of which caters exactly to your needs. Ultimately, the efficient use of space and clever decorating tips in your new home in Singapore is vital to achieving stylish and spacious interiors.


Accessorise With Frame Pictures & Art Pieces

In this form follow function approach in decorating your new tiny space, decorative accessories are essential to help turn the house into your home. Your cosy home ought to be a reflection of yourself and mental state, thus placing things that make you happy or resonates your personality would help cosy up to the place. What better way than to display your collection of art pieces or photos to remind you of the precious moments and your loved ones? Not only do they only take up minimal space, but they can also help dress your large naked walls with joy and style too.

There are two simple ways that you should definitely try. One would be placing the framed photographs on a few open spaces of your bookshelf to create a stylish feature wall display. Second, the framed pieces can be hung up on your walls like a piece of artwork in a neat collage. The latter option is great as a gallery wall along the corridors leading to your bedroom or a decorative feature in your living and dining areas. The vital tip to this collaging art approach is to keep it simple and neat to prevent a sense of clutter in the space. If you have quite a number of bare walls to spruce up, try pairing wall coverings with your framed pieces for an instant uplifting effect to any small space.


Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

One of the oldest trick in the bag, but highly effective to help you create the illusion of space, would be to install mirrors. However, the key to give the illusion of additional space with a mirror is that it ought to be a single (or with least amount of divisions), large mirror that is placed at a location that allows for it. Say the end of a long and narrow corridor would help give the impression that the corridor is never going to end or a full wall of it in the bathroom that reflects the vanity area. We understand that it may not be as easy for you to start installing a mirror as you please in your new space. Perhaps a large modern mirrored piece of furniture may just be a good way to spearhead this classic trick for you?