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Decorating Your New Work Space In Singapore

Whether you just moved into a new office or have just relocated to this country and landed yourself an exciting new job, let’s be real. You probably spend or will spend a good amount of time at your work desk and it can be deemed as your second home. If it is a place that you can call your second home, why not make your office or work desk a spot where you can get through the day efficiently, productively and happily with just some simple and professional-looking decorating? Adopting all or some of the tips below may get you tossing the mundane work life into the waste paper bin (figuratively of course!) and embracing your new workspace with open arms after switching some things up. Read on to kickstart this little styling project and be ready to slay the day, every day!


Office Supplies To Call Your Own

Nothing screams boring and uniform in the corporate world than the office supplies that are handed out to you on your first day in the office. Pop them all into your drawer and it is time that you channel some of that fun personality of yours through the things you use on a daily basis.

Now, before you go on a rampage and grab everything that gives a spark to your eyes, try to keep in mind that you still need your desk to look neat. So pick a colour theme that will make you smile and go ahead and grab your stationery in that colour. We promise you that this change, though rather minute can make a whole world of difference to how you feel about your work desk.


Creative Calendars For Inspiration

Stay on top of your game with appointments and follow-ups with a calendar. In fact, there are so many stylish ones that you can grab from the local stationery stores. Some may have fun prints on them while some could provide you with inspirational quotes that can remind you to keep up your positive energy and attitude. Pick one that would help you organise things in your preferred way. Alternatively, digital calendars are wonderful too and they can easily be made to fit your work desk screen while you update using digital sticky notes for your updates. Bonus when they are free downloads with beautiful designs! There’s really no creative limit here.


Plants For A Breath Of Freshness

If you cannot be out in the sun and be one with nature due to your deskbound job, why not bring the outdoors in to your desk instead? Not only do plants help soften the cold, mass-produced modular furniture of offices, they can also help to refresh the air around you. Studies have also shown that having plants in your workspace can help increase productivity and a sense of happiness amongst people. If a real plant is too much of a chore amidst your busy schedule, then go for the faux ones. They will make a great addition without any fuss.


Cushions For A Plop

Everyone has their own preference and unique preferred sitting position. No matter how comfortable a chair is at the current moment, it can get a little less so after a while. Having a down feather cushion can be a great addition to your chair as it is malleable and will conform to your body shape to help provide better support by filling up crevices between your body and the chair. Atop that, a cheery or classy cushion cover is surely one of the most effortless ways to add in a pop of colour to your space.


Books For References & Ideas

Bookworm or not, it is always lovely to have a few hard copies on your desk for references. If your work deals with a heap of catalogues, files and papers and it sounds ridiculous for you to place books on your desk, don’t walk away from this idea. Stack a few books to elevate your monitor for better posture or park a book or two by the side of your desk. Aesthetics aside, those books may just come in handy to jolt some inspiration when you hit a wall for a pending issue.


Brighten Things Up With A Table Lamp

It is no surprise that your desk may not be the most well-lit spot to help you protect your eyes and sight. It is common that the location of lights for office spaces are not seriously considered when the place is being constructed. This is because the general rule of thumb is to have even light distribution to the spaces. And during the ease of making sure each desk has a sufficient amount of light to function, the consideration of how the shadows cast is some times neglected. This is a reason as to why you may actually require more light on your desk to work better and chase some of those headaches caused by straining of your eyes away.

Pick yourself a nice and compact desk lamp that can cast a good amount of light on your desk for your task. Your eyes will thank you for that.