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Don’t Need to Be Rich to Enjoy Singapore

Singapore is rated as a city with one of the highest quality of life in the world. A foreigner new to the place, whether visiting or who has just moved there, may find it slightly challenging to survive at such a high cost of living but this fact doesn’t have to discourage you from making your trip or living there. However, the incomes that he or she earn would be higher as well. In order to have get the most benefits of such a scenario, you would have to earn more and spend less. Below are some tips on how to live cheaply in Singapore.


Use Public Transport

The government of Singapore has put in place a policy that limits the number of cars operating on the roads. This policy has made the process of owning and maintaining a car very expensive. If one wants to have a sustainable lifestyle there, plans of buying a car there should be out of the picture. However, Singapore’s public transport is very efficient, cheap and well maintained. In order to cut the costs in terms of transport, use of public transport and car hire are the best options.


Buy from Local Markets

Shopping is always a major aspect of modern living, whether it is for personal or household goods. Doing your shopping in supermarkets and malls can be quite expensive, to make a good saving on your shopping, local markets is the best option and they offer almost everything one may need. In Singapore, food and groceries are all strictly monitored and approved by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA). The safety standards are of one of the highest in the world. You can purchase and enjoy the food safely from almost anywhere in Singapore.


Live in HDB

Owning your own home in Singapore can really dent your finances, the prices of real estate are very high and on the rise day by day. Long as you just want a good place to live in and call home, you don’t need to buy a house. The Housing and Development Board offers the perfect solution as it has built flats which are rented out to those interested. They are cheap and in good condition. The government is quite strict in maintaining law and order, getting arrested for even petty reasons can lead to a hefty fine.


Spend Less on Alcohol

It is good to note that alcoholic drinks are insanely expensive to help curb crimes caused when drunk. Singapore is a beautiful place place to live in and also a tourist destination but having the right tips to saving on costs is key to fully enjoying the place. Based on the GoEuro’s latest Beer Price Index, which compares 75 cities around the world, an average can or bottle of beer (330ml) at bars in Singapore will cost around SGD 11.40, while purchasing one at the supermarket costs around SGD 2.60. This makes Singapore the sixth most expensive city in the world to buy beer.


Become Singapore PR

There is a multitude of benefits when a foreigner becomes a Singapore permanent resident. Firstly, there will bound to be an increment in your salary from your company as you are now of a higher status in Singapore. Moreover, your employer will also be funding your Central Provident Fund (CPF) account, on top of your monthly income. You will be able to enjoy lower-cost housing as a Singapore permanent resident too.