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Easy Ways To Save Money In Singapore

There’s no lack of things to see or do in Singapore. From soaking in the views on board the Singapore Flyer, or lounging in the Infinity Pool atop the Marina Bay Sands superstructure, or even enjoying family-friendly activities at places like the Singapore Zoo or Universal Studios Singapore, one thing is certain — there’s something to keep everyone entertained here in this town.

That being said, entertainment usually comes at a cost, and since entertainment is expendable, many people sacrifice the things that bring them joy in an effort to save some money. But what if we told you that you can enjoy yourself and save money at the same time?

Indeed, there are many ways to save money in Singapore, and the best part is you’ll still be able to afford the many entertainment options available here. Here are some of the best and easiest ways to save your hard-earned cash while still having the time of your life.


Shop Smart

Retail therapy is a wonderful way for many to help de-stress and make us look and feel good. Whether it’s some new, branded clothes or shoes, or the latest tech gadget to help you make life easier and more fun, shopping is something that everyone partakes in. If you’re trying to save money, you’ll likely be giving up spending money on things you deem as luxuries, but if you shop smart, you won’t have to.

Take advantage of sales and promotions if you want to minimize spending and maximize saving. Keep a lookout everywhere — TV and radio advertisements, flyers and coupons delivered to your mailbox, or even pages dedicated to informing people about sales on social media. Warehouse sales, in particular, are great ways to find new clothes and toys at highly discounted prices. These tend to happen when brands or distributors need to clear their excess stock and make way for new items, so the older items are priced really low for people to buy.

If you’ve been eyeing that new branded bag or fancy jacket, try waiting for the Great Singapore Sale (GSS). This annual sale season is great for both bargain hunters and shopaholics as you’ll be able to stretch your dollar to the maximum. Major retailers in shopping malls will offer steep discounts — sometimes as much as 70 per cent off — on everything. Good things come to those who wait, so be patient!


Cost-Effective Eating

The food in Singapore is not always expensive, especially if you choose to eat at one of the many hawker centres all over the island. These are open-air complexes where many food stalls are set up side by side. Hawker centres are basically Singapore’s unique version of street food, albeit in a more orderly and hygienic form. There are all sorts of food at hawker centres, most of which are centred around the many races that call Singapore home. Best of all, the food is cheaper than other eateries in Singapore, with prices rarely exceeding S$7 for a single portion.

Another way to save money on food is to cook at home. However, Singapore is a bustling city, with people constantly on the move from one place to another, so the last thing on most people’s minds is cooking meals at home. As a result, most people tend to eat out or order takeaway food, as these are seen as the most convenient way to have meals. The thing is, eating out all the time can be quite costly, and not to mention unhealthy. This is why cooking at home is recommended — you choose the ingredients, you control how much they cost, and you alone are responsible for the taste and quality of your food.

To save you even more time and money, plan out your grocery list for the week and head down to get your stuff on a weekend. Make sure you stick to your list and do not get tempted to make impulse purchases. Buying in bulk for the entire week can even help to save you money, so plan ahead.


Quick Tips

Here’s a collection of quick hacks that can help you to save money too!

Carousell and Cash Converters

If you’re a bargain hunter or just really need to shop, how about pre-loved items? Secondhand goods can be found at Cash Converters outlets in Singapore, where the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” truly comes to life. Too lazy to head down? No problem, just download the Carousell app on your smartphone and browse the selection of used products and see if you can find some great deals.

Clear Your Cache

If you’re thinking of taking a trip and are looking for cheap flights and hotels, here’s a handy tip — clear the cache and cookies on your web browser. These websites tend to store your user data and will know when you’re logging in to check prices again, and they can adjust them accordingly. By clearing your cache, it will appear to them that you’re a new user visiting them, so no fares will be adjusted.

Don’t Shop, Adopt!

Who doesn’t love having a furry friend around? Pets can be expensive, costing thousands of dollars, but why would you need to buy them when you can adopt one instead? Many dogs and cats in Singapore live in animal shelters, waiting for someone to save them from being put down. When you adopt a pet, you’re not just saving money — you’re also saving a life.