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Finding Healthy & Wholesome Food in Singapore

There’s no surprise that Singapore is renowned first and foremost as a food paradise. The dining options that are available here leave you spoilt for choice. Hence, it can be somewhat of a challenge to adopt a nutritious and healthy diet, this is especially true when you have just moved to the country and looking for lunch spots that offer healthy, well-balanced meals without compromising your waistline. Fortunately, Singapore being the food paradise that it is offers countless options when it comes to food. Here are some places that you should keep a look out for if you are serious about getting healthy.


Best Spots For A Healthy Meal

Aloha Poke

The healthy and delicious salad rice bowl has almost a cult following among white-collar adults and millennials in Singapore. Pronounced “Poh-Kay”, the Hawaiian staple can be customised in a number of ways to suit individual taste. The popularity of Poké can be credited to the fresh and delicious ingredients utilised in each bowl. The flexibility of the menu allows you to build your own bowls. Hence, the price of your meal depends on what you choose. If you are facing the agony of choice, you can always go for the Signature Poké Bowls such as the Aloha Sunrise, Ocean Breeze, Mentaiko Madness and Green Giant. Alternatively, you can also settle for a simple wrap.


Another eatery that centres around the build-your-own meal concept is Dosirak. Noted for its authentic and healthy rice bowls, this eatery focuses on Korean rice bowls. With moderation, freshness and taste in mind, these Korean rice bowls serve healthy and appetising food with moderate portions of vegetables, carbs and protein in each meal. Additionally, the owners of this eatery used their family recipes and even consulted food nutritionists to effectively substitute certain ingredients all the while retaining the overall taste of the food. Dosirak has gained the support of the Health Promotion Board and has even been recognised as a Healthier Dining Partner. While here, order signature items such as the beef bulgogi, spicy kimchi chicken, soy sesame chicken and cured salmon.

Lean Bento

If there is a place that shatters the common misconception that healthy food is unsavoury and unappetising, then Lean Bento is the place. The cafe prides itself in serving healthy and delicious food. Some of their signature dishes that you must try are the burnt cheese chicken bento, lemon sea salt salmon bento, honey baked chicken bento and garlicky chilli chicken bento. Additionally, there is also the salmon laksa pasta that is only available on Wednesdays and Thursdays. And you don’t need to worry too much about calories either since the salmon laksa pasta will be served with high-fibre pasta. The distinct dish combines nutritious and healthy ingredients with traditional Peranakan flavours. Lean Bento is reputed for consistently revising recipes and improving cooking methods.

Simply Wrapps

Simply Wrapps has gained a lot of traction for serving up healthy and nutritious food in a quick and efficient manner. The menu is designed to excite tastebuds with a wide selection of wraps, salads, quesadillas and burritos. The outlet serves 50 different nutritious ingredients that are rich in fibre, high in vitamins, and whole grains that are freshly prepared. Additionally, there are also 18 house dressings that will give you countless choices when you are making your own salads and wraps. Moreover, there are also five different types of tortillas you can choose from. The tortillas range from plain, wholemeal, spinach, lemongrass and tomato basil. This way you won’t be easily bored. Apart from the extensive range of choices, there are also lunch box sets available to switch up your tastebuds. Best of all? You can order from this sweet spot through a mobile app!


If the idea of biting into a vegan burger sounds unappetising to you, think again. VeganBurg has gone to great lengths to ensure that the food it serves is fresh, delicious, sustainable and highly-nutritious. With a 100% plant-based menu, the joint includes mouth-watering items such as the Cracked Mayo burger which is comprised of a dairy-free mayonnaise burger with a crispy, yet moist GMO-free soy patty and fresh garden lettuce. Additionally, you can also take a bite out of the Smoky BBQ that tantalises the palate with a thick patty of succulent mushroom slathered in sweet smoky BBQ sauce. If you are looking for something sweet to complete your meal, then the organic brown rice ice cream will hit the spot with its velvety banana texture, encapsulated with rich dark chocolate and almond coating.


The Takeaway

There are countless places in Singapore that serve foods that are healthy, nutritious and well-balanced. It just takes a little effort and exploration to find these places. Moreover, due to the demand for more healthier and wholesome foods, more and more eateries such as the ones above are popping up every day. Although the quest for healthy living is somewhat challenging, ensure that you are nourishing your body with the adequate and essential nutrients it needs for day-to-day functions. On a final note, remember that portion control and moderation is key are two important factors that you should take into account whether you are looking to lose weight or get fitter.