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Fishing Spots In Singapore You Should Check Out

If fishing had been your favourite hobby back home before you decided to move to this country, fret not There are legal spots in the island for you to cast your fishing line and spend a day in the sun for a good time. You will not need to own a swanky boat or drive out way too far for a spot as there are several water bodies across town that you can head to and meet enthusiastic and aspiring anglers at. So grab your fishing gear, supplies (especially artificial baits) and set off to check out the spots in the list below!


Lower Seletar Reservoir

Near the fishing deck and rower’s bay of Lower Seletar Reservoir are hot spots where you can find amongst local anglers who enjoy freshwater fishing. You will be able to find Snakehead, Barramundi, and Peacock Bass hooking up your line while you are there. And if Lady Luck is on your side, you may just end up with a massive stingray that weighs a whopping 25 kilograms!

Cast your line over along Lentor Avenue and Seletar West Link


Lower Peirce Reservoir

Make your way to Lower Peirce Reservoir Park for a more central fishing region in Singapore. Just like the other reservoirs that you fish in, you can only use artificial baits when you fish in the water body. This is a definite must to obey as a failure to do so will mean that you are breaking the law. With that said, you will be sure to find Peacock Bass, Flowerhorn Cichlids and Zebra Tilapias while you cast our line into the waters.


Woodlands Jetty

This fishing spot is a wonderful place for a family day out too! With a park and playground situated in the same vicinity, it is a popular spot for many to picnic and to spend some time in the sun (and moonlight). Though you are only permitted to fish at the region nearing the end of the jetty despite it being the longest jetty in Singapore. But do not be discouraged as there have been records of gigantic Barracudas weighing up to 6kg being fished up. If you are wondering the main species of fish that you can find here is the Barracuda.

Cast your line over at Woodlands Waterfront Park, Admiralty Road West, Singapore 759956


Punggol Point Jetty

Punggol Jetty is known to be a short and small jetty where you can fish around the northeastern region of the island of Singapore. Given that it is rather small a spot, it is inevitable to rub shoulders with fellow fishing enthusiasts. Fishes that you may get to take home with you include Grouper, Barramundi, Grouper, Rabbitfish and Sand Whiting.

Cast your line over at Punggol End, towards the end of Punggol Road


Pasir Ris Town Park Fishing Pond

If you are searching for a spot that is conveniently located near an MRT station, this is definitely the spot for you. Located within walking distance from Pasir Ris MRT station is the Pasir Ris Town Park. Like the Woodlands Jetty, it is a lovely place for families, friends and couples to hang out at.

Although you have to pay to fish here, the good variety of fishes is worth the price you have to pay. The species of fishes include Snapper, Pomfret, Taiwan Ngor, Sea Bass,  Grouper and Mud Crabs. That said, to get the bang of the buck, head to the Main Pond instead of the Pro Pond for a better yield, a tip-off given by locals on the online community. Should you want to get a try at prawning, this is the spot to do so.

Cast your line over at Pasir Ris Central, Singapore 510534


Changi Beach Park

We truly understand that fishing is a hobby of solitude at times and you may prefer a quieter fishing spot to enjoy your time alone. Head on over to Changi Beach Park if you are seeking a spot that is away from most fishing enthusiasts to spend time alone. Who knows, maybe you will be able to bring home a Brown Stingray, Sickle Fish, Javelin Grunter, Goatee Croaker, Barramundi, or Veined Catfish without distractions from others. To up your chances at this spot, local fishing lovers recommend that you make yourself comfortable along the beach near the end of Telok Paku road, along Nicoll Drive and along Nicoll Drive to the SAF Changi Ferry Terminal. Good luck!

Cast your line over at Nicoll Dr, Singapore 498991


Jurong Lake

As for the Westies, we did not forget you! In fact, you can go fishing at  Jurong Lake Park for fishes like Pacu, Soon Hock and Peacock Bass. Ensure that you do not venture to Lake View Promenade in your excitement as fishing is not allowed over there.

Cast your line over at Jurong Lake Park along Yuan Ching Road and Boon Lay Way