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Get In Touch With Your Sporty Side In Singapore

Singaporeans are hard workers in the workplace, but on the weekends, we do enjoy our rest and relaxation. For some of us, that would manifest as a way for us to get our sweat on and entertain a bit of exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This comes at the back of a stronger push by the Singapore government for its citizens to prioritise a healthier way of living. While most would start looking towards the committed following of a diet filled with more nutritional food like brown rice and more fruits and vegetables, nothing really beats getting outdoors and hitting the floor running literally. Singaporeans take their exercise seriously and that is why gyms seem to show up at almost every turn. If you are thinking about migrating to this place and are worried that you can’t get in touch with your sporty side, you are in luck since we are going to introduce a few interesting and maybe even unconventional ways one can stay active in Singapore.


Virtual Reality Cycling Trip

Want to add a change of scenery to your usual cycling session at the gym? You can do so at the Pure Fitness outlet within Ngee Ann City following the addition of the new virtual reality experience. Workouts are accompanied by a cinematic visual on a widescreen and when you put on the VR headgear, you are transported into a different world. While you might think it’s a walk in the park, the visuals are often accompanied by high-intensity cycling so you still get to burn away your calories from your decadent cafe meals over the weekends.


Ballet-Inspired Workouts

Even if you have no bone in your body that can dance to the tune of ballet music, you can still get a good workout with barre. What barre does for you is to tone up your body in an intense hour-long session that incorporates ballet techniques, Pilates, yoga and even strength training. In each class, students work on a combination of different movements, including the maintaining of static poses to keep all the muscles constantly engaged to make the most out of the workout. Over time, you will start seeing your entire body shape up but the barre workout has been found to target your inner and outer thighs, calves and abs. If you were to pop in for a barre class, you would discover that classes are capped to a certain number and this is done to ensure that the instructors have their firm eye on you to maintain the right form even when the tiredness kicks in.


Yoga On Water

It is as the title suggests and that would have you performing your yoga poses while on an air bed floating in a pool. While the poses are usually simple to maintain, the challenge is in maintaining your balance on these wobbly inflatable mats on the waters. While staying zen might be the least of your concern when you are entertaining these challenging moves, your focus is more on landing the poses and avoid landing headfirst into the pool. Another alternative to that is a much more intense workout that consists of bodyweight callisthenics exercises that include squats and sit-ups on your inflated mattress. Since everything is done on the waters, the low-impact movements are much softer on your joints and are perfect for those who are recovering from injuries. You can find these aquatic exercises at The Fitness Project.


Strap-On Workouts

The title might sound a little confusing without any backstory. To give you a better mental picture, we are talking about the bungee workout that one can get into at Dancevault Studios. Here, students are asked to be strapped onto a hip harness that is hooked to a bungee cord and these cords attached to you are what would provide the resistance to your workout. While you might struggle with understanding how the workout goes, you can expect to experience bits of cardio, strength training, abs training, balance workouts and even jumps accompanied with heart-pumping music to make the whole training session so much more fun. It might seem incredibly unconventional initially, but trust us, after an hour or two after your session, you are going to start experiencing aches and soreness, the signs of a workout done well.


The Short-on-time Workout

Time is a luxury that not all of us can afford and for those who are short on time because of an intense work schedule, they can get in on HIIT workouts. HIIT translates to high-intensity interval training and in the span of a 30-minute session, you can expect a rigorous workout that would get your heart pumping and the calories burning. Fretting now? Don’t sweat it! Each session is customised to one’s fitness levels so you don’t have to feel like you can’t match up — there are three levels one can choose from and if you feel like today is the day to go over mountains, you can pick the hardest level to challenge yourself.