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Getting Your Fix Of Aussie Footie In Singapore

There’s one thing Australians can’t live without and that is sacrificing their footie when they move to a new country for work. If you are reading this article, you would most likely be aware that the first bounce of the new season is coming onto us when Carlton takes on Richmond for the opening game of the 2019 season. But your worries of missing out on your footie games are unfounded since Singapore is 100% footie-friendly and you wouldn’t be missing out at the slightest when you pack your bags for Singapore. Whether you pledge your allegiance to the Hawks or to the Crows, you will not be alone for the next six months till the AFL Grand Final draws close in September. Find out how you can stay connected to your favourite sport in Singapore.


The Revolution Will Be Televised

Thanks to cable television, you would no longer have to worry about missing out on all the hot-headed action between your team and your rival clubs when they face off. In Singapore, you can catch most (if not all) of the live games on ABC Australia channel on your cable subscription. The challenge of working a 9-5 job in Singapore is that you might miss out on the first bounce and first two-quarters of the game if it is played on a weekday evening back home. But there is an answer to them all, if your boss is understanding and roots for the same team as you do, you can get away with live services that beam the coverage onto your phone or laptop while in the office. You can get connected with your footy on the official AFL live streaming service called Watch AFL by registering for a weekly, monthly or yearly subscription with them.


Two Is A Company

Australian football is a team game and you only have to observe how many players there are on the team to know that watching footie alone is never fun. Because of how many sports bar there are in Singapore, it isn’t difficult to find company in new friends and alcohol. The most popular sports bar to watch Australia sports like AFL, NRL and even cricket is undisputedly the Boomarang Bistro and Bar at Robertson Quay. On match days, you would find the bar packed to the brim with fans from either side having a burger and a bevvie. The whole atmosphere is chill just before the match and all the anxiety and excitement will kick in just when the siren rings. To accompany your footie, the bar also serves up some of the best Australian food like grill dishes, finger food and burgers that can be cooked perfectly to your liking. Other bars that you can find a similar boisterous atmosphere at are Brewerkz at the Indoor Stadium, Harry’s Bar at Clarke Quay and Muddy Murphy’s Irish Pub at Claymore Connect.


Getting Out Onto The Field

More than just enjoying Aussie Rules on telly, you can do one better by joining up with one of the many sporting outfits in Singapore that band Aussie rules fans together on the playing field. While football a.k.a. soccer is a huge sport in Singapore, many Australian Rules football clubs have sprouted out to give Aussie footie fans a chance to recreate some of the best moments of the game (anyone remembers Sam Lloyd giving a good whack at the ball to score the winning after-the-siren goal against the Swans in 2016). If you want to get involved, there are clubs like the Singapore Sharks and the Singapore Wombats for adults and juniors to join regardless of age or skill level. This would be the perfect way for you to play the sport you love and keep the entire family in the pink of health. On certain weekends, the team even has games organised for you to get into the thick of the action.

For legends who want to take the next step up in their game, there are even competitive leagues within Singapore and beyond for you to earn your bragging rights. Some of the leagues like the Asian Championship pits teams from all over Asia against each other and you and your new team might just be the next to lift the grand trophy.


Final Note

Moving to Singapore doesn’t mean you have to leave a part of your life back in Aussie. With the slim two hour difference between Singapore and Australia and the accessibility of the sport in Singapore, you never have to feel like you are missing out on any part of the game. Australian football is growing exponentially in Singapore and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down one bit. So grab your guernsey and scarf and continue lending your support to your team right down to the Grand Final in September. May luck be with your team over the course of the season.