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Give An Abandoned Pet A Home In Singapore

If you have been thinking of adding a new pet member to the family, there is no better time to do so. Pets are one of the best things that one can have because of the unconditional love that they shower on us and the unbreakable bond that is constructed between pet and owner. We feel that it is our responsibility to spread the message and it has to be said that there are a lot of pet abandonment cases in Singapore. Because of how many stray and abandoned pets there are in Singapore, many of them do not have the opportunity to love and feel loved and this is despite them being extremely deserving of our loving hearts and homes. If you are thinking of opening up your home to an animal, think about what you can do for the pets of the world. You are essentially saving two lives when you save the life of an abandoned pet — that is the abandoned pet in question and the life of another animal who can take the empty spot at the rescue organisation. If you are moving to this city and hope to save a pet and give them a forever home, here is an introduction of what you need to know.


Why You Should Adopt?

Importantly, when you adopt, you are saving a pet from the loneliness and heartbreak of never being able to find a welcoming family. Some abandoned pets spend their last remaining days in the home because they are unable to find someone to care for them. As we say that, you will find your adopted pet extremely loving — to your abandoned fur baby, you have just changed her life of homelessness drastically and in return, she will repay you in triple folds with many psychological, emotional and physical benefits. You will also discover that housing and caring for an adopted pet can offer you a huge sense of purpose and fulfilment that would make you swell with pride each time you think about your actions helping an animal in need.

Another thing that doesn’t come up in most conversations is the fact that most dogs in adoption homes are mostly house-trained and that would mean you do not have to spend hours to train them to defecate and urinate at the right areas in your home. Something that you have to understand is that adoption doesn’t entirely mean it is free. The adoption costs range from $50 to $250 and this is because it includes the cost of vaccination, sterilisation, deworming, microchipping, registration and licensing. As compared to a pet from the pet store, you would find this cost a fraction of that.


Where You Can Adopt?

In Singapore, there are multiple non-profit animal welfare organisation where you can pop in to find your forever friend. It is not only limited to dogs and cats and some organisations may even have rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters that have been abandoned by their owners in the past. At 2016, most of the animal welfare groups have since relocated to a well-furnished home at Sungei Tengah Road where potential adopters can meet with all the animals before deciding on their best friend forever. Here are two animal welfare groups that you can look at for your first adopted pet.


The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has been in existence in Singapore for the longest time. Since the 1800s, the organisation has been firm on the better treatment of animals and has taken to housing lost and abandoned pets and finding them a loving home. As one of the longest-serving animal welfare groups, they house pets of all kinds. This ensures that not a single animal, regardless of age, breed or type, would fall through the cracks.

Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD)

Dogs are man’s best friend and it is such because of how they bring so much happiness and joy into our lives. At SOSD, the organisation aims to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome stray dogs. If you would like to adopt a stray, you are welcome to do so. Even if you are unable to find the perfect dog for you, feel free to support the organisation by sponsoring a dog or even by playing with the dogs and keeping them company.


Word Of Advice Before Adopting

Similar to buying a pet, adopting a pet is a heavy decision as well and this is such, because of how important an animal’s life is. They might be just a pet to you, but in the eyes of your pet, you are their world. Before making the big decision to adopt a pet, speak to the rest of the family (even the little ones) to determine if it is a choice that the whole family is on board with. At times, you might have to travel overseas for work and might need to enlist the help of your family members. A pet is a lifetime commitment and shouldn’t be taken lightly or to allow the decision to be made at the spur of the moment. If you are fully committed to caring for a pet, drop in at the many animal welfare organisations that can be found in Singapore to meet your new best friend. You might not find your ideal pet when you make a trip to the home for the first time, but we are sure you would find the right pet in time to come. Adoption is a slow process that shouldn’t be rushed! Take your time and let fate takes its course.