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Guide to Making Friends in Singapore

Making the move to a foreign country can be daunting, especially so if you do not have any friends or loved ones who are coming along with you. To make the big move easier, it would definitely help to have a friend or two to help you adjust to your new surroundings and feel a little less lonely. Besides, Singapore is filled with vibrant personalities and fun activities, so it is hard to lead a solitary life even if you wanted to. From workout groups to an exciting nightlife scene, there is something for everyone out there. If you are looking to meet new people and make new connections after relocating to this nation, here are some essential tips to find a close-knit community in a bustling city.


Build Social Circles That Match Your Interests

When moving into a new, unfamiliar city, most people would usually look for friendships within close proximity, such as colleagues and neighbours. Sure, you can seek out meaningful and lifelong friendships at these settings. But if you cannot help but feel disconnected and left out when it comes to mutual interests, you might want to consider building your social circles around your hobbies. Singapore has a community for everyone, you just have to be proactive and look out for opportunities.

You like board games? There is a variety of boarding games groups in the city that regularly hold game nights. You enjoy hiking? Join the local hiking enthusiasts from Facebook groups and take part in their weekly hiking events. You like giving back to the community? Get involved in neighbourhood volunteering events to connect with people who share your values. You will definitely find a community who gets you and ultimately, fast-track potential friendships.


Check Out Community Events

Singapore has a lot more to offer than most people realise. Cultural celebrations, farmers’ markets, music festivals, food tasting exhibitions, beauty conventions, art events, and so much more – there are a variety of community events that cater to everyone’s interests. This means more opportunities to get out of your apartment and be among like-minded people whom you could make friends with. As a city that is bustling with exciting districts such as the cultural Ann Siang Hill and the ever-hip Tiong Bahru, you could even hang out regularly in your favourite neighbourhood over the weekend to discover the latest events and build new connections.


Enrol in a Club or Association

If you are an expat in Singapore, joining an international social club or association will definitely be beneficial in the long run. Such clubs include the American Club on Claymore Hill, Tanglin Club, and The Swiss Club. Besides, these all-encompassing places are equipped with everything to cater to all your needs and interests. Aside from serving as a platform for expats to network, regular events are held to foster new connections and members can also enjoy their state-of-the-art gym as well as sports facilities. Most of these clubs and associations are diverse, so you could meet locals and people of all nationalities. Making new friends and expanding your social circle will certainly be a breeze when you settle in the communities within these clubs.


Work Out

What better way to make friends when you can build new connections and keep fit all at the same time. With a variety of free walking trails and workout events by public associations, such as the Health Promotion Board and National Parks Board among others, you can explore the city and get your adrenaline levels pumping as you network with other participants. Or if working out in gyms is right up your alley, download the ActiveSG app to book fitness sessions at the nearest sports centre and join other community members in staying fit together.


Be More Open

Making new friends, especially in a new city, can be extremely intimidating because of what we tell ourselves in our heads. Ease out of the pessimistic headspace and try being more open! It is easy to think that other people wouldn’t want or have the time for making new connections, but that is not true at all. Coming out of your comfort zone and putting yourself out there will truly work wonders in expanding your social circles, so do just that. It is totally normal to be shy and nervous, so embrace the awkwardness of navigating new friendships since it is all part and parcel of life. After all, you will only regret the chances that you didn’t take.


Be Out There

Whoever said social apps were solely for dating? Because that is not the case at all! Apps such as Hey Vina and Bumble BFF make is easier for you to look for new friendships online, so that the inner introvert in you can heave a sigh of relief. Although connecting with someone online may not bloom into a full-fledged friendship in an instant, you can consider taking it offline when the time is right and hang out over the weekend. Do, however, exercise caution when meeting someone via an app and make sure that you meet them in a public place to ensure your safety.