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Here Are The Best Outdoor Cinemas In Singapore

Singapore loves its movies and whether it is the latest Marvel blockbuster or the selection of Oscar Nominees, we love them all the same in this movie-crazy country. If you are looking to spend your free time catching up on the latest in film and sound, you would find that Singapore has nothing short of cinemas and you would discover that cinemas are accessible and well-planted in almost every megamall in Singapore. Of course, the cushy and dark setting of a cinema is not for everyone and that has seen more and more cinemas pushing the boundaries of the film-going experience.

Because of how delightful the Singapore weather can be at times especially for those who enjoy a breezy tropical afternoon, more and more popup and outdoor cinemas have surfaced as an alternative to the cold confines of the traditional theatre. These outdoor cinemas are unique in their very nature and the fact that they are not a permanent installation makes going to the outdoor cinema all the more special in our hearts. If you are new to this territory, here are the outdoor cinemas that you absolutely have to get acquainted with.


Popcorn Pop-Up Cinema

From the developers of the mobile application that allows movie lovers to check movie showtimes and book tickets on-the-go, the bunch have gone to the extent of screening blockbuster hits at exciting locations around town. But hold up, they are not just in the business of only screening movies of the old — the films that they have been showcasing run from the previous year like Black Panther, Get Out and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (shows that you might have watched in the past but still worth every bit revisiting once more) to the classics like Clueless and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The location is a mixed bag and that spices things up a lot more since you might find yourself in outdoor spots like Dempsey or in a cool cat setting of Blu Jaz Cafe or Bar Canary.



Drive-in cinemas are a rare sight in Singapore and that is because of the lack of space that would allow for such a screening to happen. But of late, MovieMob has been trying in their very own ways to dial it back to the 90s where you can enjoy a movie from the comfort of your car. Each location is different and it could be in an open-air carpark or at the lawn outside of a popular shopping mall and that makes it all the more interesting. On the other hand, MovieMob also does have screenings that do not exclude those who do not own a car. Held next to popular landmarks like Marina Bay and Botanic Gardens, you can pull out a mat or even jump on a deck chair and enjoy your movie with a bucket of popcorn in hand.


Films At The Fort

For the longest time, Films At The Fort has been at the pinnacle of outdoor movie screenings and it is such because of how they raise the bar. That means your popcorns, nachos and fountain drinks are the first to go. In place of that, you would find a gourmet menu that consists of lobster rolls, thick burgers and even cheese platters that have been masterfully paired with the finest wine prepared by The Providore cafe. Something that adds yet another bling factor is the beautiful fairy lights that seem to give the place a mystical feel while the movie plays in the background. While it might cost a pretty penny more than your usual trip to the cinema, this would still be good value for your dollar if you are in need of one of those treat-yo-self days.


Peroni Sunset Cinema

It makes sense doesn’t it to hold an outdoor movie screening by the beach. To make your movie-going experience that much more memorable, pop in at the next Peroni Sunset Cinema which has made Tanjong Beach its home. On top of premiering the hot favourites in the cinema universe, patrons can also enjoy the live DJ sets that accompany the movie screening when the sun goes down. If you are there early, be sure to snap a photo of you in the gorgeous beach chair while nursing an ice-cold bevvy.


Be My Kaki Movie Bus

This might slip under the radar for most movie-goers but instead of travelling to the cinemas, why not let the cinema travel to you? While we don’t exactly mean that literally, be sure to make note of when the Be My Kaki Movie Bus drives by your neighbourhood. Depending on its schedule, it could make its way to your nearest town centre, void deck and even find itself in a nice lawn in the park. Because of how it is for the whole family, the movies curated range from comedic animations like Kungfu Panda to Disney favourites like The Incredibles 2. This would be one for the entire family!